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Totally Freaked
by: Anonymous

I totally understand where you are coming from. They make my skin crawl, I can't stand to even look at them from a distance.

I once lived in a house where they accumilated by the front door by the light and one evening I was leaving to head out and opened the door to have one jump in, needless to say, I lost my mind! Because I could never pick it up and throw it out and was afraid I would lose it in the house and run into it later, I used spray glue to keep it at bay in a corner, until I could return with someone to catch it - boy that thing was STUCK!

Try keep a spray bottle in your car for late night trips and when you are about to enter the door and you see them, shoot in their direction, they will eventually hide until you get inside, but as for the ones "inside" the house...I would find out how they are getting inside, that may help keep them out.

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