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True but not cured yet!
by: Ralph

I had the exact same experience and really enjoyed Space mountain even as a individual who's still not over his Coaster phobias. The difference is that on rides like Space Mt. I'm aware that the drops (which is my only issue!) were minimal at best. The only thing this ride did was rattle my brain (Which was already done years ago!) So I didn't have a great fear of riding it. And the same with the Thunder rail mountain ride and others like it. BUT! when it came to rides like "THE ROCKET, THE MUMMY, THE HULK AND DRAGONS REVENGE" To name a few, I totally lost it in terms of getting the courage to get on. I thought that doing the aforementioned rides would help me graduate to these coasters but it didn't. I just got back from my annual Disney trip and I realized how much I dissapointed my wife son and grandkids who were so looking foward for me to to finally get on these rides and I dissapointed them....again!. I really feel bad. My flesh is willing but my spirit definiteley is hiding under a rock. If there is anybody out there that can help me I would surely appreciated before I get too old to even try. I can be reached at rsanch8695 at We are planning another short trip sometime in the winter! Thanks for any support I can get!

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