horrifying fear of pigeons

by William

When i was 3, i remember going for a picnic in a park with my Grandma, we were sitting on a picnic mat, i was holding a bunch of grapes when all of a sudden, a pigeon landed next to me, and plucked a grape from my hand, it gave me a fright, but my grandma told me not to worry. Suddenly, a whole group of pigeons, some with missing legs, some battered up, some huge, were gathering around us, squabbling over our food. began to cry as the whole bunch started pecking at my feet.

Ever since, i have not been able to go near pigeons, when i see them on my side of the pavement, i have to immediately cross the road, when i see them outside, i have to shut the curtains. Even thinking about them frightens me, i have had some nightmares where the whole world has been dominated by pigeons, and some where human sized pigeons in long black robes, are constantly taunting, and attacking me. Ever since a loved one of mine has died, I have had strange periods where i think a million dead pigeons are just piled on on top of me.

I still see pigeons as i did as a 3 year old n that day, with fear and the feeling that they are truly evil creatures who will kill me. I now see pigeons as an embodiment of the grief i feel of a loved one passing away, and the eternal loneliness and guilt which i feel.

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