Horrible Vein Phobia

by Emily

hi- I am a 16 year old girl living in Pennsylvania..
and I have two horrible phobias.
The major one is vein phobia. I cannot stand to look at my own wrists, touch my own wrists, touch anyones wrists, take pulses, and no one can touch my neck, wrists, or any veins.
It just grosses me out majorly.
hearing they word "veins" sends a chioll down my spine.

The second phobia is needles, pins, and thumb-tacks.
Whenever I go to the doctor, I cry. if I get a shot, it is so bad that they have to give me a pill to controll my shaking and crying. Thumb tacks are horrible, i cannot use them. If a teacher asks me to help take something down being held up with thumb takcs, i have to reject. my classmates say i am stuk up and faking this. I truly am not.

I have never met anyone else who is so obsessed with veins, arteries, and needles as I am. I feel alone and that no one understands where I am coming from.
I dont know why i have such a problem with veins.

Should I seek help? Will I be strong enough?

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