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by: Anonymous

I have a very serious problem with veins and arteries. Even thinking and writing it is making me nauseas. I have to be put to sleep for surgery and I'm scared to death about getting put to sleep with the IV because it has to go into one of my veins..
I'm 15 and I don't know what to do. Please I need help!

Veins make me sick
by: Lisa

So happy I'm not the only one ..everybody knows that I hate them and they won't leave me alone about it I feel so sick even the mention of the word ,I can't look at my own wrists and can't bend my wrists or feet for too long without the fear of them clogging up. When somebody holds my hand or anything I feel like they're squashing them and yeah thank god yous are afraid aswell :)

by: ohmydog

I'm not afraid of veins themselves so much as I'm afraid of pinching them, cutting off circulation, feeling them pump etc. Like when I hold a heavy grocery bag I try to balance the handles on the pads of my fingers because I just get twitchy and scared to feel it cutting off my veins. I can't handle cutting off circulation OR circulation itself.


In contrast, I've got some physical issues and have been in the hospital many, many....maaaaaaany times. Twice a month for 3 years for example. I have no issues at all with needles or IVs or anything like that. In fact I feel more comfortable with an IV in my arm.


Dear Emily
by: Anonymous

I am 21 years old and live in texas. I totally understand. I am terrified of my veins. If something just barely grazes my wrist i have to shake my arms until the feeling is away... it does not matter where i am. I have been in restraunts, family functions and the worst work. I work in the legal field so i spend alot of time in court. It is very hard to explain to a judge why i am shaking my arms like a crazy lady in his court room. I avoided getting pre-natal care while i was pregnant for the fear of having to get blood drawn every time. it wasnt the blood but the thought of puncturing my vein. It is a very hard phobia to live with. best of luck to you.

Veins= OMG!
by: Charlotte

I hate veins.. i thought i was the only one .. im soo glad im not :) its really hard for me because my mum has really fat veins that stand out on the neck,hands,feet, head and even her ears!!! I can bare to touch or look at them.. they make me feel sick!! and also make me shiver! the bad thing is at school this boy in my class keeps teasing me about it and he keeps putting pins in his skin!! its disgusting.. i was sick!! my teacher helped me up because i fainted aswell and when he picked me up He had veins running down his arm!!!!! they were fat and long.. i screamed!! Now eeryone in the school know my fear.. they just keep teasing me about it .. they keep shoutng.. which brings the veins on there neck up (ewww) and also keep squeazing my veins and there own!! OMG i hate veins .. but i couldnt live with out them.(if you get what i mean)

I know that fear!
by: Anonymous

Reading these comments are actually comforting to me, to see I'm not alone! I have been horrified of getting blood taken/needles going into my vein since 3rd grade when I first had it done. I am now 20!!! I've had over 100 blood tests done in the last 3 years, due to an illness I have called Lupus, and each time I have to go get bloodwork it's the same 'Aw crap' feeling. I actually have to go tomorrow, and while having dinner with my older sisters tonight, one of them tried touching the vein on my inner arm, laughing of course, since they find my fear funny. I ended up flailing my arms away and jumping out of my chair only to stomp on her foot on accident. We all started laughing then but uuugggghhhhh I really hate when the veins on my wrists or inner arm are touched e.e it's so unsettling! I find it best to take really deep breaths, lay down at the blood place, and look away. Ha, I've also noticed that when I feel the 'pinch' I have to say "EW" to get out all my nerves and then I just keep myself clam by telling the tech how much I hate giving blood. Normally it gives them a good laugh and it's done before I know it, still hate it though!

I'm so happy I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I had no idea other people experienced this! I NEEDED to have blood taken today at the doctor. It was unavoidable. The whole time I was waiting I was hyperventilating and the second she touched my wrist to put on the rubber tie, I literally fainted. I don't even rest my head on my arm with my hand bent back and I've never properly attempted a cartwheel for fear of snapping my wrists.

Veins = EWWWW
by: Olivia

Yeah, That's crazzzzzy. I'm glad I'm not alone. When I was younger I saw someone cut their wrist and they hit their veins and blood was shooting out and ever since then I can't stand people touching my wrists or back of my hands and I can't look at them or touch other peoples. If I hit the back of my hand on something, I have a panic attack. Even just looking at them makes me realll woozy. My bf squeezed my veins on my wrist super hard and I almost cried and passed out. I slapped him super hard.

terribly freaked out over veins
by: Anonymous

its super hard for me to even put socks and shoes on it seems hardest for me to even have to touch my feet or other peoples hands i get weak where i cant pick things up i also feel dizzy and sick light headed i thought i was the only one!!! glad to no im not

Me toooo... Well for the veins thing at least!!
by: Emersyn

Hey, I'm emersyn and I'm 17. I thought for sure someone was describing my fear when I read your description!!! Like seriously, every part matches up!!! Lol. I'm not afraid of needles per say, just afraid to get blood taken. Last time I went, I passed out in the blood-giving chair, the needle ripped out and I bled out!!! Awful right??? Then I passed out again when they went to bring me to a private room!!!! Ugh, horrifying!!!!!!

me too!!
by: Rachael

hi am scared to death of veins or taking pulses!
even other people touching their veins freaks me out sooo much that i have to shut my eyes and i cringe majorly!

me too!
by: Katie

yay! I'm not alone. i can't stand to see the veins on people's wrists, it sends chills up and down my spine, i can't sit still, and i can bearly breathe. my neck is the worst part though. i can't wear turtlenecks. i sleep with my hands pulling the neckline of my shirt down. nothing can ever touch my neck, or i start feeling really weak and faint. also, my ankles. because there are veins there. if someone touches like the back of my ankle, they get so weak i cant even roll them anymore... im glad im not alone. guess we just have to deal with it lol, i just wish other people didnt know so they couldnt touch my neck for fun..

I have the same phobias!!!
by: Farah

hey there,
I cant believe you have those 2 phobias!!!
I have them too, and I never thought someone would be the same. Though I've come to control my phobia of needles, I still go crazy when it comes to my veins or wrists!!!
Do you think the 2 phobias are linked together in some way?

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