Horrible Fear of Zombies and Fear of Abandoned Mines

by Dominick
(Utah, USA)

I have a horrible fear of both Zombies and Abandoned Mines. I've had the fear of the undead since childhood. I remember the first time I encountered a zombie movie. I was three years old and I was at my babysitter's house. I can't exactly remember what they were doing, but on TV was the original Dawn of the Dead. I only watched part of it. That night I had a horrible dream that I was attacked by a zombie while in the bathroom. That was the first incedent. Ever since then I have been horrified of zombies.

I just recently found out about my fear for abandon mines. I was hiking with a friend and my brother, and we happened upon two very large holes in the rocks. We decided that we would take a look. We go inside and they are abandoned mines. We explored the one hole as much as we could, but right as soon as I got in there I wanted out, but wanting to stay with my brother and friend I stuck with them throughout the entire first one. The second one I didn't even go in because I was too afraid.

So those are my fears, and how they came to be.

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