Hereditary Component Of Phobias

Hereditary component of phobias relate a series of phobic tendencies passed down from one generation to another.

Phobia is a form of fear, which is undoubtedly unnecessary, but at the same time quite severe and at times unpredictable too.

What is most horrifying is that, phobia disrupts natural existential procedure and brings about hindrance in socialization, professionalism and in your day-to-day life as well.

This particular kind of fear or fright can be brought about by a specific object, occurrence or condition.

Hereditary component of phobias or anxiety disorders in most cases remain unidentified for a substantial amount of time. People are afraid, but why they are afraid, they do not know.

They may be scared as this feeling of fear or terror is deeply entrenched in their blood down the generation and they simply do not know when and where this fear originated.

Phobia is definitely a kind of mental problem including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Phobias are of three different types:

  • Specific phobias (previously known as simple phobias)

  • Social phobia

  • Agoraphobia

The above-mentioned three phobic conditions can obviously be an outcome of hereditary component of phobias.

Specific phobia is a particular fearful condition caused by meticulous object or situation.

In case of social phobia, the person always suffers from the fear of being misjudged or criticized. The individual is usually embarrassed when he is among public. Social phobia is definitely not shyness. It is a kind of inward contraction, a kind of running away from your own self.

Agoraphobia is however, the most intensified condition of fear in which the person is constantly scared of being trapped or publicly attacked. He persistently believes that his life is in danger and he will never be able to exist in absolute peace and tranquility.

In many cases, it is observed that some people are terrified without any reason. Such a person has inherited this feeling of fear primarily from forefathers and cannot get rid of this hereditary component of phobias, as the reason of his terror is unknown.

With the gradual passage of time, the fear becomes a part of his character.

Treatment methods that are successful in treating phobia are NLP, Energy Therapy and Hypnosis

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