HELP moths scare meeee :'(

by Hannah
(my room away from the moths)

it all started when i was about 8. i was running wild in my nans garden one day, and as i was running something flew into my face and near my mouth. i stopped running and decided to figure out what hit my face. thats when i realised that it was a hairy, ugly furry huge moth. i then tried to remember anything else that happened in this traumatic event...and thats when i started to proper freak out...when the moth flew into my face, I LICKED IT. IT TOUCHED MY TONGUE. THE UGLY FURRY BODY TOUCHED MY TONGUE. i couldnt control myself and i flung myself into the fish pond. i couldnt help it. my friends always laugh at me because of it. i was once at a sleepover and a moth decided to pay me a visit. i ran but i was too late. my best friend sat on my and they forced the moth into my face. it was such a horrible experience. so i decided to come to this forum (or whatever its called) and share my experience with you all. maybe i might make a friend on here who's been through the same experience as me...i hope one day i overcome my fear of moths, and then maybe the moths can be my friends too :D i hope you all enhoyed reading my traumatic experience. PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME, JUDGE THE MOTHS. peace.

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