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by: Anonymous

Im terrified of moths! i used to be terrified of butterflies but im getting better with them. I thought i was the only one who was scared of moths. My family mock me because of it! There hairy, big and creepy.! .... but like you i hope one day i can over-come my fear! Its nice to no im not the only person out ther :)

by: Jen

Don't worry your not alone! I also am scared of moths and butterflies....I know they can't harm you but still they creep the cracker's out of me!! :( I sometimes get embarrassed but than it goes away cause I know I am not alone :) anyways I started getting really scared of them when...*flashback* I was 8 or 6 years old okay so it was at night and I was with one of my best guy friends (who is also scared of moths and butterflies.) We were outside on the swings when a stupid meanie moth attacked us in our faces and we both screamed and thanks to that moth my best friend fell off the swing and he started crying because when your little your weak or it depends. I jumped off the swing and started screaming LOL but yeah since that day I am scared of them! one time there was a big butterfly on my house window and me and my guy friend were listening to music and when all of sudden we see a HUGE, UGLY, DISGUSTING butterfly on the window and we both quickly ran to my room and hid under my bed cover and luckily my dad got the butterfly out and another friend was there and he made fun of us hey that wasn't funny at all!!! it was flippin scary!!!!!

motths yuck
by: Anonymous

just bumped into this site and your post
me too although only because theyre large ugly and fly at you all the time.
I actually overcame my phobia in the end but nope youre not the only one and surely not the last :)

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