Helicopter Sound Phobia

by Traci
(Georgia, USA)

Hi, my name is Traci. I am 36 and live in Georgia. I have a helicopter sound phobia. The sound a helicopter makes.

When I hear a helicopter coming it makes me feel like freaking out. My heart begins to pound. I really don't like the sound at all. If I am outside and I hear one coming I like to get inside quickly.

If I am outside and a helicopter is coming and I can't quickly get inside somewhere or if I am with people or in a crowd where I don't want to be seen as crazy, I grin and bear it, but the whole time I'm dying inside to get away.

Also its not just the sound a helicopter makes its the feeling of having the thing over me with the people inside looking at me.

Also its worse with different types of helicopters. The big army ones are the worst for me and it gets worse with how low they are flying.

When I see movies where helicopters are hovering over people I don't see how they could stand it.

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