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Me too!
by: Dana


I'm also 36. I live in Kentucky and I'm afraid of the sound of helicopters. I've had this fear since childhood. As a little girl I would stop whatever I was doing & stand completely still if I heard a helicopter approaching. I would barely breathe and I would remain that way until the helicopter was completely out of sight. That behavior lasted until I was a teen. These days if I hear a helicopter approach I catch myself holding my breath and if it's night time then I still stand either really still or rush into the house.

Now, I don't mind being inside of a helicopter. I'm not afraid to fly. It's the weirdest thing. Moreover, I really don't have any other phobia problems other than extreme heights which probably isn't a phobia. Although I'm glad I'm not alone in this "weirdness".

face ur fear
by: Anonymous

i had the same fear when i was small. i would run beneath the bed and stuff my ears. It was like a great judgement coming down on me. i would panic and breathe shortly as i thought it was coming to get me. however, i thought one day to myself that i really can't go on like that and how much it would hamper my development. so i planned for the next helicopter and when it came i ran outside and stared and shout at. eversince i can just smile at it whenever i see or hear one. u just need to face ur fear. it's hard to do at first but u'll see it was easy. right now my only fear is that of lizards and i will get over it!

Helicopter Fear
by: Anonymous

My Son also has an irrational fear of helicopers he's ten years old and is really affecting him. I really don'y know what I can do to help him overcome it!!

I am obsessed with heli sounds. :)

I see a police helicopter shining a spotlight down at me, I smile. :) It just seems as if I love helis. I don't fear the sound of a helicopter and I don't know why you do. I enjoy the GTA kinda feeling. Police helicopters kinda make my heart beat a little because of probably thrill or fear. Either way, police sirens, ambulance sirens, military helicopters, police helicopters mostly all of them make me feel as if i am in a safe enviorment. Sometimes not because just knowing theres some physclopathic asshole in my neighborhood dosen't make me feel any better. But other than that air travel is safer than land. So don't get hyped up about hearing one.

police helicopters
by: Anonymous

i have a phobia of police helicopters. I have since i was a little girl. if im outside my heart begins to beat really fast, or if im at the shops and hear one i run just to get home. i have no idea what caused this. i thought i was the only one, cos alot of people take the mick x

by: Anonymous

i have the same phobia but for me its the air amburlance i hate the most but i really dont know y. i really like to kno how to get over it but im not sure how any ideas? x

by: Kay

I have the same. The worse thing for me is police search ones hovering above the house looking for joyriders and stuff. I feel that its like a big heavy bird about to drop on the house even at 2 in the morning. I want to run away from it but I can't!

ditto for me!
by: Anonymous

Helicopters, especially military and police ones give me the creeps. I they are Satanic devices that are usually staffed with bullies who shine lights on people and shout at them with bullhorns. I basically feel it should open season on them.

I feel the exact same way!!
by: Sammi

I feel the exact same way. One of my friends thinks I'm just "over-doing" it when I start freaking out because I hear a helicopter, but I'm definitely not. Whenever I hear one I automatically freeze where I'm standing and my eyes widen. Ugh!!

i feel just the same
by: Anonymous

omg i have all of how u said just reading it ive turned cold and tears well up inside ....The army ones really do scare me the most but also the fact they can just appear above a hedge or tree etc....

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