Hate touching metal

by Chloe

Touching metal is a huge deal to me. I've
Discovered this less than 3/4 years ago. I hate forks, knifes, spoons, jewelry, keys,
Door handles etc. its so hard having to live with such a ridiculous phobia! at the moment, i take textiles at school and i had to tell the teacher about my strange phobia otherwise i would have to look like an idiot trying my best to handle the needles and the pins. So she now comes and helps me. Only a few of my friends know because i've been to their houses and i have to ask them if they have plastic cutlery.. I feel like such an idiot:(
I dont know why im like this but i just hate the feel and smell of metal.
Coins included. Makes me feel physically sick. When i told my mum she would laugh saying how i was just attention seeking, she reckons theres no phobia like it. But there is most definately.
It would be really nice if maybe your reading this right now and thinking 'this is how i feel' then leave a comment and share with me your experience. Because sometimes i think im the only one.

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