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Gnomes ick
by: Anonymous

Gnomes are creepy. My mom gives me a gnome every christmas and wants my picture taken by them. I really don't like them. I feel that they are watching me. I have two of them on my tv stand and I alway lay them down. However, everytime I look on top of the tv stan they are standing back up again. I can't touch them without a glove. They are just gross. They do move.

I was watching a movie, a pretty good movie. A gnome was walking down a windowsil, I totally freaked, I knew it was a friend of the person that he was trying to get his attention of, but in my mind the gnome could walk and it freaked me out. Everyone in the room I was in bursted out with laugher but a real chill went down my spine. I am so glad to see I am not alone in my fear.

i know!!!!!
by: Anonymous

every time i see one of those little creepers i have to shave al my hair off then tell my teddy that im not alone

i hate those little cone shaped bodies
by: me too!

They are creepy little creepsters and they freak me out!

by: JessicuhRenea

Yeah im scared of gnomes badd!
I dont knwo why either. I cry eveytime i see the Travelocity commercial. But ive beed buged about it but i caint help that im scared of them?

by: meee

I am also afraid of gnomes. I really don't know why, but probably the Goosebumbs episode or the Malcom in the Middle episode when some boy tells Dewy that a gnome eats children. I have always been afraid; though. I am terrified to go on and I have to turn the TV off when Expedia commericals come on. It's not an easy phobia to live with. It's harder than claustrophobia.

by: Anonymous

i've always been afraid of gnomes

by: Anonymous

wow....i am in shock. i collect gnomes.

you just have to think of them as midgets. very tiny ugly men. and it'll be ok. trust me i have 37, they wont hurt you

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