Do You Suffer from Glossophobia?

The term Glossophobia means fear of public speaking. The word is derived from Greek glossa (meaning tongue) and phobos (meaning fear).

Symptoms of fear of public speaking include high anxiety level at the thought of communicating to a group of people.

A Glossophobic person quite often tries to evade public events, especially those where he/she is required to speak. The person becomes panicky and often experience nausea and physical distress when exposed to public gatherings.

Symptoms of the condition
Clinically, symptoms of the disease can be categorized under three primary categories- physical, verbal, and non-verbal. Physical symptoms, the most overt one, include increased blood pressure and heart beats, increased sweating tendency, stiffening of neck and upper back muscles and dry mouth.

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More about the condition
Do you know that Glossophobia is one of the commonest phobias? As many as three out of four are affected by it. It might be so that your favorite stage actress was Glossophobic in her early career and that might have dampened her stage performances to a great extent.

It might be so that your Manager is suffering from the same phobia and finds giving presentations in front of his clients nightmarish. The phobia, if left untreated, can get magnified into a full blown panic attack.

Causes of the phobia
Several causes can be attributed to the disease. A traumatic event, not necessarily linked to public performance, can lead to such phobic conditions.

If a child is “under-socialized” and his/her confidence level doesn’t shape up, Glossophobic conditions might develop when the child grows up into an adult.

Don’t overprotect a child, as that leads to low self-esteem. Don’t overcriticize your child either, as that might sow the seeds of “expectation of failure” which later on leads to Glossophobic conditions.

Treatment of the condition
Now let’s come to the treatment measures against Glossophobia. Hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis can be an effective treatment method.

However, this treatment procedure comes with several limitations as the success of the treatment solely lies with the efficacy of the hypnotherapist.

Some anxiety medications can also help in treating Glossophobia. However, be watchful on the course of medication that your doctor follows.

Medications should always be supported by natural therapy because they alone cannot cure a condition of phobia.

Role of self help NLP in treating Glossophobia
Self help NLP technique is the fastest and the most trusted way of curing glossophobic conditions.

With the help of self help Neuro Linguistic Programming , you can get rid of the fear just within days. It works by changing your mental construct and thus you are able to face life with more confidence and conviction.

Therefore, waste no more time and try to get rid of Glossophobia as fast as possible.

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