Glossophobia & Thalassophobia

by Noe

Glossophobia: I cannot speak in public or in front of a small group of people, it freaks me out. Sometimes I just freak out by the thought of speaking in front of an audience. Once, I got up to present a book to my classmates and I just burst into tears. I couldn't breath. I also sweat sometimes. It's really crippling.

Thalassophobia: I can't swim in large bodies of water. It's weird because I can be on a ship but when I'm the one in the water, it just feels wrong. I don't have anything against oceans, seas, swimming pools and water in general: it's just what's in it that makes my skin crawl. My fear is triggered when I'm in the water and my feet do not touch the ground or when I cannot see the bottom of the water I'm in. It just freaks me out because we don't know what lies beneath us. The oceans and seas have not been entirely discovered yet and well we don't know everything about marine animals.

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