globophobia- fear of balloons

by miriam

I have a fear of balloons. It all started in 3rd grade ( I am 11 in 6th grade ) when someone in my class said that if a balloon pops in someone's face they will go blind I don't have it that bad anymore like I can be around those big dollar tree ones but latex also a lot of people confuse this with being afraid of unblown up balloons but it is really only blown up balloons like I can't blow up a gallon past 1 or 2 blows I can't be in the same room touch or pop one I am scared of the pop and the sound of the pop

I also have
koutaliaphobia - fear of spoons
Atelophobia - fear of failing or not being good enough/perfect
Vasovagal - fear of needles or injections ( I cry if I see other people getting a shot)
Thanatophobia- fear of dying( its hard for me to sleep or do any thing that can possibly make me die
Nosocomephobia - fear of hospitals well not really I am actually afraid of going in hospital rooms even if I'm visiting someone but I can go in the actual hospital
Entomophobia - fear of insects and bugs - I won't even walk in grass or sit on anything outside and I won't walk anywhere without shoes
Veniphobia - fear of vains specificly on my or other peoples wrists
I am also a perfectionist if its not done write its not done at all this means that even as a kid I can't wear something that doesn't match color out of the lines see something out of place or even have a scratch if get a b on something I get mad and even if I draw a picture that everyone likes I most likely won't also I will re write something 100s if times until the writing us perfect
And punchtunaphobia - fear of punctuation

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