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Ghetto phobia
by: Foreigner5

I tought I was the only person with this ghetto phobia syndrome! I'm not black American thought!

14 yr old oreo
by: Daishua(deja)

Hey im a 14 yr old black girl who listens to rock mostley and i dont have black friends i just get scared around them not all of them but the same as you the ghetto ones my nickname is even oreo to all my white and mexican friends. I hear them yelling all the time and speaking like they do not have an education but i am glad i am not the only one because i feel bad that i am diffrent from most kids in my race and that is probably because my mom is in the army and i grew up in suburbs and around tons of diversity so when i had to move to a civilan town i was scared at how black girls my age acted but now i live in san antonio so im not only the black girl into pop and rock but I still feel nervous and sick when i see a bunch of them.

Thinking differently about your phobia
by: Lucy Waters

Hey - I think a lot of people will understand your fear - but there are some non drug based approaches you can take that will benefit you more in the long run - research NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which encourages you to look at things from different points of view.

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