Do You Suffer From Gephyrophobia?

You are suffering from gephyrophobia if you fear the bridges.


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It is an anxiety disorder that traps you into a morbid fear every time you are standing on the bridge.

Nonetheless, the fright of the phobia extends to more people than being usually predicted, since it is common with many people that affect their life terribly.

Bridges form an integral part of the transport linking system.
Therefore, bridges are found at every part of the city and if you are the unlucky few who are the victim of gephyrophobia, then life in city becomes extremely difficult.

How The Fear Feels?
There is a persistent and abnormal feeling of fear in the mind, which at times may seem irrational to you. But when you are gripped by the intensity of the fear, you will certainly give a blind eye and deaf ear to any logic surrounding the fear.

High bridges over river or canals can be very intimidating if looked down. The bridges are open on the either side, thus making you feel conscious that you are on an open-sided long stretch of road where accident can come at any unwelcoming time.

If you are a victim of gephyrophobia, then you will avoid any road that will lead you to long stretch of bridge. Many people confront 'heightened sensitivity' when crossing the bridge.

When crossing the ridge, some people face the intense hype of anxiety and worry in their minds. It has been surveyed and found that bridge phobia is very much common with people in the city.

There is always this fear of getting trapped in the middle of the bridge, not letting you any space to turn around and get out of the bridge.

The main cause of the fear is that, there is always this lingering fear in the mind you will go astray off the bride and get plunged in the deep water.

Seeking Solution For Gephyrophobia
NLP responds to all the mental codes, thus reprogramming Gephyrophobia in the mind and bringing effective solution to it.

The best thing NLP is that it is painless, quick and long-lasting. My NLP based Phobia Release Program is so useful, since it attacks the problem from source and helps in solving it.

Talk-therapy, medication and cognitive therapy are successful, but NLP self help technique enjoy a better stance to them.

What is most appreciating about NLP is that it wipes away your fears and gives you the freedom to enjoy life free of Gephyrophobia.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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