Do You Suffer From Geliophobia?

Geliophobia or also known as fear of laughter is a very common phobia with many people. It is a kind of problem that impacts the quality of your life.


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To turn the matter worse, you may feel panic attacks and surge of breathlessness that may put you into a very uncomfortable situation, which will make it impossible for you to get rid of.

Though it may sound weird, but it happens with many people and turns life more complicated.

Smiling or laughing plays an integral part of life.

So, if you have to lead a life discarding the thought of a smile then that can make life much harder.

The worst part is that it will drift you to aloofness from the crowd and make your feel alone and secluded.

What Goes On In The Mind When You Are Suffering From Geliophobia
If you are the one suffering from fear of laughter, then it is the matter of prime concern for you. You are always very much aware of your smile whenever you are in the public crowd, and to shun any embarrassing situation you simply forget to smile.

or a better circumstance, you try your smile at least once in front of the mirror in the room, which may seem to you a bit awkward and also psychotic looking. Self-consciousness plays hostile to victims of Geliophobia.

You surround yourself with a cold vibration towards anyone who is trying to approach you and this keeps people at a distance from you.

So, to bring a viable solution to your problem, you are always at an effort to keep on practicing different expressions of smiles in front of the mirror.

How It Feels When You Are Suffering From Geliophobia
Anxiety is the greatest feeling that you experience when you are suffering from Geliophobia. It gives you stiffened cheek bones and you feel the palpitation rate increasing.

A mixed feeling of discomfort and nervousness grips your mind and you feel you will never get rid of the tension.

To be more precise, all of you who fear smiling in public are truly afraid of your crooked teeth or misshapen jaws. This erupt feelings of discomfort in the mind and tangling your life more miserable.

A survey shows that 1.25 million adults feel that they are less attractive because they never had any corrective orthodontic treatment.

They feel that their dental problem have prevented them from laughing and smiling in front of others. Survey also reveals that many people face problem in meeting people tete-a-tete.

The Visible Symptoms Of Geliophobia
You may not share the same symptoms like your friend, but that does not mean you are not suffering from Geliophobia.

Nonetheless, there are a few common symptoms that incorporate feeling of sickness, nausea excessive sweating, dizziness, breathlessness, a sensation of detachment from reality, becoming mad or losing control and inability to speak and think properly.

The self help NLP techniques have been tested and refined over years and they have proved to be very effective for many.

The best thing about NLP is that it uses the power of imagination to reprogram your fear reactions in the mind with painless and long-lasting technique.

Where other treatments have failed like cognitive behavior therapy of talk-therapy is wiping the problem from the source, NLP has worked wonders.

My well established Phobia Release Program teaches self help NLP techniques that are useful in eliminating Geliophobia.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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