Dou You Suffer From
Freeway Phobia?

Freeway phobia better known as Hodophobia or fear of road travel is a major concern nowadays.

Jan Heering

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Freeway fear is more common in cases where the victim may have former unfortunate experiences on road and he always remains afraid of facing the next one.

He remains extra cautious and at times behaves irrationally being extra stiff and not being able to breathe properly while on road.

Such conditions are undoubtedly alarming because a sudden panic attack may make you immobile and rob you of your rational senses.

A victim of freeway phobia cannot walk comfortably on road nor can he board transports. It takes him hours to cross a busy road. For every time he attempts to proceed, he would abruptly be victimized by the fear of being run over by a car.

Being careful on road is necessary but being panic stricken is not at all a healthy sign.

People suffering from hodophobia are even afraid to travel in buses, cars or trains. They are always inclined to believe that a running vehicle can come and hit them anytime.

Such an incident is usual but to survive under this particular phobic impression will make you die in every moment you live.

Symptoms of freeway phobia are similar to other phobic conditions and include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, uneven heartbeat, sweating, nausea and an overall feeling of nervousness.

However, one thing, which you should always keep in mind, is that human nature is varied and therefore their reactions to phobic conditions may differ and fluctuate.

Freeway Phobia And NLP Treatment
Now the question would be, how can you rescue yourself from this phobic condition? Well, you can take up Neuro Linguistic Programming to revolutionize your thoughts and make you feel and think differently.

Neuro Linguistic Programming can eliminate conditions of freeway phobia.

My NLP program program will help you to analyze you own psychological requirements and convert the entire negative mind setting into something positive and hopeful.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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