How To Get a Foot Phobia Free Life

It is foot phobia if it happens that you fear looking at your feet or touching your feet, or someone else's feet is touching you. This phobia can impede your work, interfere with schooling as well as your social relationships.

Before going further, you need to learn more on phobias. Essentially phobia is a continual irrational fear that can lead to extreme anxiety.

Once you encounter the phobic situation, you would experience increased heart rate, sweating, breathlessness and an overwhelming desire to get rid of the cause.

For some they feel it is an imminent danger of dying.

Those with foot phobia are even afraid of discussions about feet. The situation gets worse, if they have somebody stepping over their feet.

They would always cover their feet with slippers, socks or shoes to avoid a direct brush. Some of them even sleep with their shoes on.

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For others, this stance might look fanatic; however, for the dupe it is always tough to handle the situation.

There are some whom you would see fearing to touch the feet. They are particularly scared when somebody tries to touch their feet.

People with such phobia refuse to have pedicure and get petrified even to hear about a foot massage. More so, it is shocking for them to watch others having a foot massage.

Foot Phobia Symptoms
This type of phobia can lead to intense fear, though it poses no real danger.

The adults with such phobia often suffer panic attack or severe anxiety to face the situation or while thinking about facing it.

The symptoms of the phobia includes excessive sweating, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, shaking, heart palpitations, dry mouth, feeling sick, inability to speak or think clearly.

Further, it may also cause a sensation of detachment from reality or even a full blown anxiety attack.

How To Cure Your Phobia
One of the best ways to cure foot phobia is Self-help NLP. This self-help Neuro Linguistic Program helps to develop skills and procedures of creating reality.

The program is meant to modify the psychological ‘construct” of the patient. As the mental ''construct'' gets reprogrammed, foot phobia minimizes and gets absolutely eliminated.

NLP uses the power of the imagination to reprogram your fear reactions quickly, painlessly and long-lastingly.

My Phobia Release Program uses well-established NLP techniques that have been proven to work fast and permanently. You cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging those mental codes.

In many cases, you can simply choose one of the clearly described exercises, try it out and experience a cure.

In some cases, you’ll need to try a few of the techniques until you find one that works for you, or you’ll need to repeat the exercises a few times for reinforcement.

Unlike medication and talk therapy, NLP techniques attack and disable the phobia at its source, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Unlike cognitive behavior therapy, NLP techniques do not hurt, either physically or mentally. And NLP techniques have no side effects.

What you get is just the freedom to do things you have not been able to do for years.

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Whatever your phobia, regardless of how long you have suffered from it, despite the dreadful life limitations you have endured because of your fear, your phobia can be cured.
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