Food Phobias

by Johnny

Ok. I'm Johnny. I'm 15. So you'd think I'm just the typical, fast-food loving lazy teenager. Wrong. I'm afraid of fast-food. (Pizza, Hotdogs, Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers.) Many things that aren't even fast-food but still worry me. (Mexican Food, Some Italian Food, Omlettes, Etc.) I live on chicken, noodles, fruit, veggies, bread, dessert. It's embarrassing at times. Like, "Hey, Wanna go out for some burgers?" Terrifies me. Today, (Jan.3.2012) I was going to try a pizza. I wasn't at home since I wouldn't hear the end of it. But I was afraid so skipped lunch altogether. Everyting used to look gross, but pizza suddenly looks like heaven, but I'm still scared of trying it. (What if it gets on my face, what if they don't have napkins, i could get fat, I might vomit of disgust..) So yea, that's my story.

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