Flipping Fear

by Steve
(Irlam, UK)

I couldn't get on a spinning fun (???) fair ride for a zillion quid ..and I too can feel myself begin to panic just thinking about all the stuff in the universe that spins. I am 56 and this is the first time I have thought to see if there is a name for the phobia. My four younger sisters all enjoyed fair ground rides and there was a time when the urge to be the same as my peers caused me to get on the waltzers! When I used to practice Taekwondo the "reverse turning kick ( hated it being called a spin kick) gave me problems when it had to be repeated across the hall; the times I just managed to stop myself fleeing from the room. I couldn't even take a one year old on a kiddies ride, whilst at a theme park, the other day. I am heartened to see that it might be possible to ease the problem...and that I do actually belong to a group! Lol

Steve L

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