Fish makes me shudder

by Mandles

I know it's an odd one but just looking at a fish (even a picture) makes me shudder, let alone touch way. I simply cannot bare it! It's most fish but predominantly the silvery ones and even goldfish gross me out a bit to an extent where I couldn't touch one or put my hand in a goldfish bowl.
It annoys me when people say I'm 'afraid' of them because that's not it at all; I know they can't hurt me and am not afraid of them attacking me of anything. It's simply that the very sight, smell and texture of them makes me go weird. Even the muscles in my ears start twitching lol I opened a magazine once and there was a big pic of a fish and without thinking I screamed and threw the magazine on the floor. I know it's not rational but why does this happen? There are many humans who I can't stand the sight of yet they don't have this extreme affect on me :-D

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