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Same here!
by: Taylor

I just made a page on my phobia of my boyfriend dying. It scares me so bad and i always cry myself to sleep at night because he lives with his parents and i live with mine, we're 14, so i cant be with him every second. I feel like i need to be with him to protect him. I havnt broken up with him before but i do know how much it hurts and how crazy it makes you feel when you dont know if he's okay or not. Im glad im not alone!

I feel the same!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm the same exact way. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and I am constantly making sure I tell him I love him and I always say "be careful", as if me not telling him would lead to him being totally wreckless, lol! If he takes his motorcycle out, I am glued to my phone in case something happens, and if he takes it out at night, forget it! I can't sleep knowing he's not home safe. I'm a programmed freak about everything and I think it's because my parents raised me that way. They are worry warts and now I am too. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's all in God's hands and what happens, no fault of my own. But, nope, you aren't alone!

Destiny is not changeable
by: Mohammad Hossain Hashemi

You have to tell yourself that destiny is fixed for everyone and not going to change , For e.g If I'm supposed to have an accident with my car and going to get hurt , it's not changeable and my destiny is fixed,it happens and I do not know about happenings that I will face them . it's about every human even you !

to prevent your worrying Phobia , when your friend gets out , say to yourself : god keeps him and he is not going to have any troubles , and you simply go to your work and never think about that .

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