Fear that my phone battery is going to die.

by Robert

Hi, my name is Robert, I'm 18 years old and I live in the beautiful city of NY. Ever since i got my blackberry, I have always had this fear that my phone battery is going to die and i'm not going to be able to text people. I know that texting people isn't that important, but I always like tetxting people back as soon as they send me a text. I guess it shows that i don't ignore them and that I'll always be there when they need me. Everyone has always known me as the person who texts back almost instantaneously. I don't really have a fear of what people think of me or whatever, but I always feel happy when I text people back. I really don't want to make them wait for me to text them back because personally I hate when people don't text me back instantly. I always want to be there to answer the phone. This "phobia" really hasn't effected my life or my phone bill, but I feel like I kind of have a problem. I like to make fun of this "phobia" with my friends, but the question of to what kind of phobia it is just recently came up at a party that I went to. If there is anyone who wants to come up with names for my "phobia", then feel free to tr and make up your own, but I honestly want to know what this fear that I have is called. If anyone can help me to find out the actual scientific name of this, then that would be great and it would be much appreciated. Once I figure out what this fear that I have is called, then I'll be able to make fun of my self ten time more than I already am. I don't really need anyones help with my fear, I only what to know what this fear is called. Thank you so much to anyone who comes up with names to make fun of it. And thank you ten times more to the person who actually finds out the scientific name for it. Thank You. :)

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