How to Control
Fear Powerful Emotion

The grouping of words fear powerful emotion perfectly defines fear, for fear is truly a powerful emotion.

Jan Heering

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Fear bears a good association as far as it takes up a protective role, helping you to rightly recognize and respond cautiously to impending dangers and possible threats.

A fear that makes you wait patiently before crossing a busy road for safety reasons is certainly a healthy fear.

Fear powerful emotion that fear is, it had endowed you with enough ‘reasoning’ (in your childhood days) not to touch a hot iron or catch hold of your pet by the tail having hurt yourself once thus.

Nonetheless, many a time, fear turns unhealthy – overpowering your power of reasoning and other positive attributes that make you see things in clearer light.

Compulsive emotional fears are generally baseless fears, stemming out of some of your past experiences (which you unnecessarily graft to a present condition) or simply out of the blues.

Fear for the unknown, causes you to react violently. Isolating self, avoiding company, dropping communication with others, poor performance at work are some of the negativities associated with fear.

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Fear powerful emotion needs to be controlled before it starts controlling you.

Once the reins are in the hands of your baseless fears, your life will be utterly ruined. Instances of fear driving a person to seek refuge in harmful ways such as taking to drinking and drugs are nothing new.

Not only this, fears stand in the way of matching your potential. On many occasions, fears prevent you from doing things, which you would have normally done. This largely hampers your progression in life.

Over the years, psychologists have developed and successfully tested quite a few techniques that work to overcome fear.

Faer powerful emotion represented by fear is often used by parents, teachers and others as a tool to control theirs wards and impart some basic principles of life.

It has to be understood that while education informs minds and wins hearts, fear tramples self-confidence.

Remember, you can make fear powerful emotion, ‘a healthy life-force’ only by controlling it!

Treatment methods that are successful in treating fear are NLP and Energy Therapy

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