Fear or Phobia?

Fear or Phobia?
Does the sight or even the thought of a spider start yousweating?

Do you start to panic when the doors of the elevator refuseto open?

Do you always make sure you don’t go too near the edge ofa cliff or high building? And as for going on a RollerCoaster – that is never going to happen!

Fear or Phobia?
All of these are common fears – but when exactly does afear tip over into a phobia and what’s the differencebetween them? Let’s look at some definitions:

Fear: a powerful, unpleasant feeling of risk or danger,either real or imagined.

Phobia: an uncontrollable, irrational, and persistent fearof a specific object, situation, or activity.

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Fear or Phobia
So, although fear is a strong, nasty feeling, it ismanageable.

Phobia takes it to the next level and then some! Just takea moment to think what those phobia-defining words mean…

Uncontrollable – you have no control over this terror,you’re at its’ mercy!

Irrational – however much people tell you that there’sno need to be afraid, you still are. Once away from thesource of the phobic reaction, a person may be able tothink and talk quite calmly about their feelings.

But as soon as the cause reappears, all rationality fliesout of the window and they are fighting to get away fromit.

Persistent – this isn’t going away any time soon. Somepeople can force themselves to face their fears but a truephobic would be totally unable to do this.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
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