Fear of Zombies

I have a bad fear of zombies. But I am only 11 I think it came for call of duty nazi zombies. I sit there at night some nights. I'm not sure if afraid if I i'm afriad to have a nightmare or that the zombies will come and eat me alive. My brother is not supportive he makes fun of me at school. The bad thing is that all of my friends love zombie movies,games and well any thing zombie related. My brother always plays call of duty zomibes. Nothing helps I read, I play aother video game not zombie related or run and hide in a corner. I myself like zombie mode in call of duty but are afriad to play it at night like it's 3:00 o'colck in the after noon I am fine until later that night I will hide in the corner of my room using my cat as a weapon. It's the moans of the dead that echo through my head keeping me up at night.

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