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I need help from other people
by: Anonymous

My biggest fear is when I am at my farm without my entire family there because I feel like it''s going to happen and going to kill us an I won't get to say that I love them and stuff. I have a mild case because it's only happening in the night and I can talk about zombies but I really need some help by some other people. I feel that t.v really helps me but sadly Im not aloud to have a t.v in my room. PLEASE HELP I really can't find a permanent cure

There is a cure
by: Anonymous

If you want to cure your phobia without medication, take it in small steps. First learn calming techniques and practice them often in every day life. Breathing techniques were most effective in my case. Once you have mastered this, create a list of steps to achieve for yourself. Mine went as follows:

1) be able to hear or read something about these undead.
2) Accomplish saying "Zombie" every now and again while remaining calm.
3) Have someone find not very graphic pictures to view on occasion and slowly move on to the scarier stuff.
4) maintain a conversation involving something Zombie related.

You can accomplish each of these goals with continued use of calming exercise.

Eventually build you way up to perhaps seeing a movie or something of the like. And remember, having someone who takes this phobia seriously that you can talk to is an immense help. Be sure to let them know if they just need to listen, or if you are actually seeking feedback for specific questions. It's important to be clear and concise as to what you require to overcome how this phobia effects you personally.

Breathing I found was the best way to fight off the fear, strangely enough. When you start to panic, your breath becomes shallow and your heart rate picks up. However if in that instant you actually force deep breaths into your lungs it slightly calms your heart beat while making your brain realize that you still have some control. Once you've established this control over one of your body's basic functions, you can slowly take control of your fear.

Hang in there fellow Kinemortophobians or ambulothanatophobians, ect as you prefer. And remember, the definition of a phobia is "irrational fear". It isn't supposed to make sense, but you can still beat it.

advice from a girl
by: girl with necrophobia

I feel the same as you just I dont hide with a bat or knife. I Have to check round every corner because I am so superstious. If I am in my room trying to get to sleep I will look around and if I see something that doesnt look right I close my eyes and count to three. My friends love having a laugh playing the scary maze game but I would probably faint if I saw it again I recommend you DONT play it! You should try a new hobbie or do something different to take your mind of it. JUst think of it like this: zombies arent real they are fictional they wont harm me. repeat that to yourself. sometimes I might start thinking about them. watch a tv show (non zombie) or go some where were you can talk to someone or do want I do. Sing in my head, it keeps the thoughts jammed at the back of my head. Think of your favourite song! I swear it helps. Best not to watch a zombie movie or go in a haunted house! Hope I helped all you necrophobias!!!

"irrational" fear
by: Anonymous

Hi there, its really weird but I also have this "irrational" fear. I say it like that because logically I know it is irrational but I always have this feeling that some unforeseen disease infects the population resulting in the living (and hungry) dead. I'm ok with dead bodies, I supposed I'd have to be when studying to be a dentist but it seems to be the more I learn about modern medicine the more I realise that there are alot of gaps and that things constantly change.

Is this type of fear recognised? and/or named?

When it comes down to it I think that I'm most scared of being alone in such a horrible situation. I already have my closest friends briefed on the "what to do just in case" plan, to their amusement.

Fear of zombies
by: Cat

Hey I think I am the same as you. If zombies ever come true i am shooting myself. I think i might have necrophobia but Im not scared of death just dead bodies and zombies. In science at school there was a (fake) life size skeleton and i was really scared the teacher was going to make me go near it.

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