Fear of X-rays

by Emily

I have been afraid of seeing X-ray films for around eight years. I have no idea how this fear of X-rays started, but it definitely interferes my life everyday. I want to be a Veterinarian someday, but it's not a possibility if it takes over my life.

The fear has never regressed once in my life, but in fact, gotten worse. I have dreams about myself being trapped in dark rooms with no doors, filled with x-rays. When I see them I will run away, and start shaking. I don't tell many people about this fear, because I'm afraid someone will think it's funny to e-mail me a picture of an x-ray.

I don't know what I'm going to do about this fear of X-rays, because I'm too afraid to even talk about this with anyone. My parents think it's humorous, but I sure don't.

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