Fear of wrists

by elisha

I'm thirteen and I have a weird fear of wrists phobia. I noticed it a few years ago when i saw a sharp knife and instantly puled my cardigan over my wrists, afraid i would somehow accidentaly cut myself. Since then i cant even look at my own wrists for more than a few seconds. If people scratch their wrists or bend their hand back i feel sick and if anyone touches my wrists i start to cry and feel all panicky. I hate the veins in my wrist and anyone elses wrist they just make me feel sick and i always have to pull my sleeves over my hands to feel more safe. I hate the thought of people self-harming their wrists it makes me feel ill. I can wear loose bracelets on my wrists but on holiday with my family we were buying watches and the lady put it on my wrist too tight, she slightly pinched my wrist and i was in tears and silent for the next half hour. When people touch my wrists i kinda go into shock and feel all horrible and panicky. a few months ago I was straightning my hair and accidently burnt the side of my wrist, and I think I cried for like an hour or so. so am i the only one with this fear of wrists phobia? is there a name for it?

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