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Me too..
by: Anonymous

I'm absolutely terrified of them. How can people take their pulse on their wrist?..? I was watching a programme were someone slit there wrist.

My friend got scratched by someone on he wrist... Ahhh couldnt stop thinking about it...

Wrist fear
by: Anonymous

I learned today that I am not the only one with this horrible fear. Ever since my friend told me she cut her wrists for pleasure I have been deathly afraid of the inside of my wrists. Whenever people touch them I feel dizzy and extremely uncomfortable as if I'm going to pass out this is EXTREMELY hard to live with but I'm happy that I'm not alone

me too!
by: Anonymous

I've been dealing with the same phobia since I can remember. I can't stand anyone or anything touching my wrists or even seeing or thinking about them touching theirs. It makes me feel naseous and I start geting all panicky. Today one of my friends accidentaly scratched one of my wrists and I've been obsessing over it all day. Just looking at the veins in my wrist makes me sick.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Me to! Fear of wrists
by: Anonymous

I can't stand wrists I get all shaky and I get sick. Just reading your paragraph made me cry I don't know why but the veins are so horrible to look at people always tease me in school by bending there wrists back!

by: Anonymous

I HATE the sight of veins and muscles in my wrists and feet. when I'm writing I have to put my jumper on, and face my wrist down. I can't stand looking at them and sometimes I feel scared that I'm going to burst into tears at he sight of them. I can't touch my wrist or feel my pulse.
I thought I was alone, I'm glad someone else has the same feeling!

by: Anonymous

I have the same thing. I can't deal with people touching my wrists at all. When I think about people cutting their wrists I throw up. I can not deal with it... No idea what its called but it sucks:(

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