Fear of Wrists

by Isley

I have a fear of wrists. I cannot deal with looking, seeing, touching, hurting, or even talking about mine or anybody elses wrists. Even now I am getting very anxious just typing about it.

I have had this fear for most of my life but in the last month or so it has inceased so badly that I can hardly type, write or even have my wrists exposed while I'm walking; I have to turn my hands in so I look weird when I walk.

I get light headed and really axious and paranoid whenever someone shows their wrists or have them sticking out and exposed. The worst is when I accidentally look at someone who has their head rested on their hand and their wrist is jutted out; I can't even function or think straight for a while after that.

I can't wear bracelets anymore because I get paranoid that the bracelet is something else that I don't know that is touching my wrist and I have to roll even hair-ties up my arm so they are not near my wrists.

Anybody else suffer from anything like this?

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