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exactly the same
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same problem.
Can't even let people I know/trust touch them.

me too
by: Louise

This is the same for me!!! Even reading the title of this page is making me cringe so badly! I actually freak out when I see someone else's or my own wrist:( if I accidently touch my wrist I literally go crazy and jump up and down flapping my hands about.. Not good and everyone teases me :(

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I cant stand wrists I'm about to cry just typing this! Everyone at my school makes fun of me! :(

I suffer a severe case.
by: Anonymous

I don't where it started but if anyone shows me their wrist or i see mine i lose functionality in my whole arm, i can't think straight, and i almost pass out.

also same!
by: vroni

people think im crazy... i wonder, how could you NOT be afraid of them! D: they look so disgusting! with their vitalness and vulnerability.. o.e i hate them. hate. them.

by: Anonymous

I have the same phobia, I cover them up with sweatbands, but if i see someone elses wrists I start shaking. Its really anoying. My friend thinks it started when she told me she self-harms. :s

same exact thing!
by: Adam

Wow I have the same exasct fear it drives me nuts.I can't let my hoodie sleeves stay on my wrists because it freaks me out too. Also if I'm working around sharp objects I get freaked out that I'm gonna got my wrist. I alwayys have wondered what was wrong with me. Nice to know I'm not alone.

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