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by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and idk when my wrist thing started but i hate when people touch my wrist and my friends find it funny to tense all the vains in their wrist and make me look. One time my friends dared me to touch my friends vain for 20 seconds as he was flexing and i was gagging it was horrible. Sometimes if I'm watching something and i see people getting injections or cutting their wrists i start shaking. I'm so happy its not as rare as i thought and I'd love to know what its called

Omg it's not just me
by: Rosie

I was thinking about my terrible phobia of wrists so I searched it and miraculously found this! I'm 14 by the way. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. If I see people writing on the inside of their wrists or touching it, I immediately start to panic and I can't look. It makes me feel so ill. Even just looking at the veins makes me cringe. I mean, now can people just write on their wrist like that?? I can't even look at mine. It's just ughhhhh. When someone grabs me by the wrist or touchs mine I literally go mad. My friends tease me and once I actually cried. It's a serious phobia. I think it's because I see at as such a vulnerable place and I'm scared of it being cut or something. Thank you for your time. I'm gonna stop writing now because I feel like I'm gonna faint.
Rosie x

by: Anonymous

It feels nice to seem I'm not alone in this feeling. Reading this comments, I feel they are summing up exactly how I feel as if I could have written it myself. This wrist thing has been going on for as long as I can remember (I'm 15). I remember one time a nurse took my pulse there and I couldn't stop shaking all over, even after. This can literally keep me up at night. My friends sometimes tease me about it and one kept touched her wrist in math and I got so squeamish and fidgety that the teacher was giving me funny looks too.

fear of wrist
by: anonymous

I completely FREAK when someone touches my wrist. even if someone touches THEIR OWN wrist i get all cringy.When someone touches my wrist my body "shuts down" and i fall to the ground, traumatised until they let go. even just looking at my wrist makes me cringe!

So disgusting!!
by: Anonymous

I have no idea when this whole wrist thing started. I hate when people touch my wrists, or even looking at the inside of someone's wrist just makes me hyperventilate, and it's so gross. I mean honestly, there's veins and crap there, it's a VULNERABLE SPOT!! Eurgh, that's so gross, even thinking about it makes me just want to hide. I could never be an emo. Like, why the f would you DELIBERATLEY do that?! My mother swears it's just a "phase", and I'm just being dramatic. No, mother. No. The inside of your wrists have veins and arteries and it hurts when people touch them. It's just...aaaagh!!

Yesssss same!!
by: Lucy 💖

I have this but not that bad like if I get paint or pen on my wrist and have to scrub it hard to get it off I freak out and if someone pressed my wrists I feel faint and a boy in my class keeps picking a scab on his wrist and making it bleed and then sticking pencil lead In it just to make me scream and I go insane I just cry and scream and the teacher always shouts at him but he won't stop it !!! And he punches his wrist too and I once read a story about a girl slitting through her veins in her wrists and I had a fit!! I was shaking and gagging it was terrible :( also I can't get injections in my wrist I have never had one but if I did I would run for it or faint.

Oh dear
by: Anonymous

I'm so so so happy to know I'm not alone in this. When I was young ( very very young) my friend said you could die if you pop a vein. I knew that your wrists have a lot of blood so from then I wouldn't let anybody touch my wrists, I would cry if anybody pressed their finger to their wrist and faint if it happened to me, I would have to be taken out of the class because I was crying so much... Happy I'm not so first people thought I was joking. Then they realised. Now I have to explain to every new friend about my wrists... Very awkward...

> ~
by: Anonymous

I'm actually so so happy that this page exists because I thought I was the only one who had this fear! My friends at school always tease me by sticking their wrists in my face and I don't think that they get how serious it is :( I've actually started bawling in public one time because of it. Please tell me the name of my phobia so that I can show them it's legit :_(

by: Kayla

I have fear of my wrists being touched or being looked at. I usually wear sweaters to cover my wrists. I always think that on accident I will cut them and that makes me nervous and anxious. I also have the same fear for my neck. I cant explain it

by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one omg.
I hate that when I tell people that I really don't like when they touch my wrists , they think it's funny and do it again. They just don't get it

by: Destiny Harrington

Omg! I'm not the only one! All my friends give me crap about my fear of wrists. Like I can't look at then and I can't touch then and no one else can touch them, like I'll scream if someone touches my wrists.. And it's so annoying because people grab my wrist on purpose and just shove their wrists in my face.. I don't know why I'm scared of them but I am..

holy shit
by: Rebecca

Thank God... people I can relate to. I have a fear of things around my wrists, I hate braclets , bobbins laces ribbons , anything like that being around my wrists. I hate when people grab or put their hands around my wrists. My friend grabs my wrists whenever he wants to make me angry or wants to annoy me. I start panicking and when there is stuff around my wrist I start rapidly breathing and begin to tear up. Is there a name for this?

it happen to me
by: Nova

I'm 14 yo, and I always scared if someone or something touch my wrist. I feel like my wrist will be cut by them and it will start bleeding. the first time my friends know about this fear, they started to chasing me in class to touch my wrist. they made me cried. and when they saw me crying, they stopped chasing me. but it was in Junior High School. now I'm in senior high school, which mean new friends. and my old friends from Junior High School told this fear to all my friends, and they started to chasing me again and touching my wrist. in fact, the students that are in higher grade, they know about this fear. and all of the people in school already know about this. they always talk about wrist when I'm near them. I scared of needle too. I ever puke to a doctor when she was taking my blood. is this a phobia or what?

*Sorry for bad English

by: Beka

Im 12, and I actually have this!
Can't believe so many other people have it!
I feel sick when I touch my/someones wrist.
When I see peoples wrists, I feel really sick.
When my wrist isn't covered or touching a sleeve such as wearing a cardy or my blazer I feel uncomfortable.

I feel faint when I look at my wrists. I am always pulling my jacket or blazer (when Im at school) over my wrist.


In terrified
by: Anonymous

I'm afraid of my wrists getting poke cut drawn on or hurt or bruised or a vein getting cut, if people are talkin about wrists poison or knifes or hurting I cover my wrists and squirm I sort of have a nervous attack but I haven't told anyone so at school when a snake person came I was afraid of the snakes we whee holding to bite be or hurt me near my wrists... I hate looking at wrists

I'm so glad I found this!!!
by: Anonymous

I also thought I was the only one with this weird fear. The same problem that most have written about have happen to me. The only word I saw that could possibly be the name for this is carpophobia (which makes sense because carpo means wrist). Many people people probably have this fear because wrists are fragile and have a major artery vein in them (sorry if you have this and are reading this part. It's making me a little nauseous thinking about it).
The only thing I can relate my fear to in past events was probably when a kid in my speech class told me about this very sensitive vein and how you could bleed to death if it was cut. My young, overactive imagination of course blew this up and I slowly became very aware of my wrists. This fear became worse more than likely at my aunt's wedding when I was standing in line at the buffet with Styrofoam bowls. A friend and I were jokingly pushing each other when his bowl accidentally cut the corner inside of my wrist. It bled really bad and I still have a scar(sorry again for the queasiness). Everyone who knew about this made fun of me for it in school. Once, a friend of mine accidentally cut the side of my wrists and I nervously smiled(that's just what I do when I start to panic) and tried to look away and get away from him. My friend kept waving the wrist in my face and I lost my temper and yelled. Luckily, I was able to calm my nausea down enough to where I didn't need to run to the bathroom but I felt light headed, anxious, and fearful for my own wrists for a long time. One of my friends also tried to do what he called "therapy" by grabbing my wrists often which was definitely to much for me. I don't like ANYONE to ever touch my wrists.
I've tried doing a sort of self therapy where every time I start to get very anxious and queasy because of something to do with my wrists, I breath out and in in a controlled fashion and remind myself I am all right. Then I distract myself with something less nerve-racking. I believe this has greatly improved my fear.

by: Anonymous

I read through all these comments, and cringed through most of them. >.< I didn't realize how common this seemed. Whenever my wrist touches something "the wrong way", I have to stroke my wrist downwards to make it "feel better" I suppose. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember!

by: Anonymous

Ahhhh my god so glad i found this page!
Although i'm not freaked out about wrists, I just have this thing where i have to touch them to make sure they're there kinda thing, like they always feel bare! and i get freaked out when i can't feel them! but latey it's gotten worse, I've gotten to the point where i have to lick or suck on them! and if i do it to one wrist then i have to do it to the other :/ so fucking weird! My mates think it's so weird and joke about it, but it's actually so serious :/

Oh wow, same!
by: Anonymous

I didn't think anyone else had this and all my friends think I am weird.

When I touch wrists I feel ill, when I see wrists I feel ill, when I think about wrists I feel ill. When this happens I cover my wrists up with clothes (jumper, hoodie sleeve), pressure on my wrist makes me feel faint. People self-harming makes me feel ill. Its awful.

I kinda feel better about others having this.

They laugh too
by: Anonymous

Yeah I didn't know how to explain it to my friends about how every time I think about my wrists I just think ill get stabbed in them and ((might want to skip over this)) the blood will pulse out to my heart and that I won't die but be in pain or everytime I see a pushpin I think it will fly out of the wall and into my wrist ((ok now you can read)) so even my best friend said "so your afriad of wrists?!" And it's like they don't understand it really freaks me out and since I'm stuck in a car ride I'm crying imagining it and no one notices me and thank god for this page I thought I was alone!!! :D so relived

not the same
by: bubblicious

after reading most of the posts i dont think i have the same fear as everyone. i fear my own wrist but im perfectly fine in seeing other peoples n small wrists on a guy is kinda a turn on. its only my wrists that scare me. I HAVE to at ALL TIMES have something covering my wrists if not and i see them i start to have a panic attack or (once ) passed out. I cant deal with the site of my own. I use to be a cutter but that never bothered me because i did it on my arms not my wrists. My main problem is when i see my bear wrists i see how small i am n i think im fragile and breakable n im scared they r going to break n im going to idk die or something. I dont really know if its carpophobia or not. but i dont have a problem with others or talking about fiance says i need to get over it n that im just kinda crazy to have this fear. darkshadowangel11 @ email me if anyone wants to disscuss this

by: Anonymous

JUSTYN, ALLISON, and RACHEL like to show me their wrists everyday and I wanna cry. Okay thank you bye.

by: Anonymous

i get really nervous if something/someone strokes my wrist or if it starts tingling or somethin...just light touching, i can deal with cutting which is probably not a good thing seeing as im a cutter and i have done parasuicide that way but i dstill dont like it but stroking my wrists makes me so nervous! so glad im not the only one :L

by: Sophia

I have this too! My friends seem to think i'm odd and no one seems to get it. My friend Annie always writes all over herself and she wrote right on the inside of her wrists and I went all shaky and had to run out the class room. Also when I was in Drama my friend, without thinking said something about wrists and the whole room started spinning, so I had to run out in to the corridor where I just started crying uncontrollably. A boy in my primary school in year 6 used to get hold of me and press really hard on my wrists- its making me feel faint to type it so sorry to the people reading it :L :L :L. so yeah ewww and I can't wear bracelets etc and im interested that many people feel they have to wear bracelets. When I am in bed at night I think about wrists, it seem to be taking over my life and getting worse! I HATE IT!!! xxx

Wipe it away
by: Anonymous

Yes! When ever something touches my wrist I always have to "wipe" it away. Even just thinking about it, like theres something inside my wrist.

ew :S
by: Anonymous

OhWow I didn't realise so many people had this fear.
When I am at school or putting pressure on my wrists like by leaning on the table I immediately have to cover my wrists with my blazer I'm really scared of something sharp near my wrists or even thinking about something cutting them. There's an emo at my school and she slits her wrists and shows people, the open cuts and the scars make me gag and I have to get away from her before I have a nervous breakdown. I have no idea why but when I'm near her I feel like she's going to grab me and start slashing my wrists, strange right?
Does anyone know the actual name of this phobia?

I'm also scared of sharp things near my eyeballs :L

Thank goodness
by: Anonymous

I recently went to a party and 3 girls began to cut themselves I began to feel light headed and couldn't talk. I don't have the fear of wrists but I can't stand a razor penetrating skin

i actually pass out
by: dj

i was at an eye appt tody and the woman before she started my exam she took my blood pressure through a wristband i had to hold over my heart for the most accurate reading well i cant stand it when people try to take my pulse on my wrists or even hearing about rists being slit i.cringe well after about 15-20 seconds of this wrist band being on i fainted i was sitting up fell to the floor and smacked my skull on the floor i have passed out before having blood drawn or hitting a special spot on my kneei will feel an instant head rush and faint wake up very pale and be in a complete cold sweat i dont know if something is medicly wrong with me or if this phobia does really exist?

Fear as well
by: Sweet

Thank gosh! I'm 13 and I feel the same way like if I bend my wrist I would feel unease like someone is trying to stab me or something

by: Holly

I hate being afraid of my own wrists i need to always cover them with sweatbands or loose bracelets, My friends at school love to call me Mrs. Anti-Emo and try to grab my wrists and poke at their own with sharp objects like pencils. It's gotten so bad ive been needing to see docters about my "Mental issue". I'm so glad to hear other people with my same problem to know i'm not a freak :D (I also cry if i see someone cutting themselves ;-; What if they freakin' pop the vein OMG >-<)

by: Anonymous

I am the same way!!!! My friends always bend their wrist towards me and it usually makes me cry or have a panic attack. I also play basketball and when I bend my hand back to shoot the ball it makes me freak out. So good to know I;m not the only one!!

by: Anonymous

i hate my fear and it gets in the way of everything, even writing this its so bad.
all my friends send me pictures of wrists, and thrust there wrists in my face, its not nice, and makes me feel physically sick. and when my boyfirend holds my hand he always makes sure he touches my wirst. i feel people think im kidden on or just doing it for attention, but im really not and im so glad to see this page:D

same thing happens to me
by: Anonymous

I just realized this fear a couple of days ago. I have been reading books about vampires lately and just the tought of anythign getting near my wrists makes me hyperventilate and get super queasy. I was in my science class when the word scalpel came up. I immediately press my writs to my stomach and looked up at the ceiling trying not to be sick. My teacher asked what was wrong with me. I told him and the entire class started laughing at me. Im glad to see im not the only one

Me toooo

Im glad im not the only one!!
ive had this for years and it has really been a massive annoyance!
my friends like to poke an lick their wrists infront of me and i have had plenty of panic attacks and fainted because someone has grabbed my wrists :( i cant look at them and cant let the doctor take my blood pressure or pulse!
i have to stop talking about it now cos im getting really hot and my head is starting to go funny :/

Me too!!
by: Anonymous

Omg I have the same thing!!!! When ever people touch my writs flex there's touch there's etc, it makes me gag and shudder and I get this numb feeling and get neausuos. It sucks and I hate it. One thing I do is lightly touch my own wrist to remind myself I won't die or soemthing. We will get through this guys!!!

by: Anonymous

Yes. Im glad im not alone. When I told my friends they thought I was joking, so starting to flick their wrists and touch them and everything, and randomly because they were showing their wrists I freak out, curl my hands in, cover my wrists and just curl up on the chair (Place where Im sitting) or if im standing ill shudder away! Its horrible! I cant ever leave my wrists exposed because I gget scared. I just feel like if i flick my wrists to far they snap and ... Ergh! Im shuddering now!!

i have it too
by: Anonymous

I never knew that anyone else had this phobia!! All my friends think its funny and just touch their wrists to freak me out!! its mainly the inside of my wrists and even just writing about it makes me feel physically sick, and it is called carpophobia!!

broken wrists
by: Graceee

once, my friend decided grab my wrist (which I absolutly hate) to twist my wrist and pretty much brake it. It was horrible! I know hate this person forever.

by: Kira-chan123

Yay! More people with the phobia! 8DD I seriously thought I might have been the only one and I was such a freak, but I guess I was wrong! ^^
So, I've had the fear of wrist for a few years now, it started about when I was 11-12ish. I think it started when I fell off of a trampoline and broke my wrist. It was really bad, too. I was fine with my wrist when the cast was one, but once I got it off I was much more causious. I wouldn't let anyone touch it, or touch it myself because I was scared it might still hurt. But when I realized it didn't to touch it, I was already so afraid of it being touched that it made me feel like throwing up too have it touched. I constantly wear wrist bands or long sleeves to cover them both, seeing as the phobia has spread so it includes my right wrist as well, but somethings that doesn't help. I hate setting my hands against desk or tables when I type of write because it puts pressure on them and makes me feel sick.
People in my classes at school make fun of me for it and touch and show me their wrist. I cried almost everyday in this one class in seventh grade because a boy named Tanner sat next to me and always either touched his wrist, or tried to touch me. I got in trouble a few times because I would slap his hand away when he tried to touch me.
Another problem is that along with the fear of having my wrists touched I cant stand the site of needles, pins, or anything sharp besides knifes, scissors, or eating utensils. And that sucks cause my moms a seamstress and there are needles lying around everywhere in my house. Well, apparently, Tanner found out about that fear too (probably when I refused to put the pins in my fabric in home-ec. and had to have to teacher do it)and started teasing me by teasing me bye taking a mechanical pencil, extending a piece of lead all the way so it looked like a needle, and pushing it into the underside of his wrist. I cried all the time and had to go to the councilers constantly. It got so bad that I had to transfer to a different period and class.
But, it makes me happy to know that others have the phobia as well, and im not alone ^^ Maybe I can get through it now! 83

be strong
by: Anonymous

were gonna get through this guys! i promise! be strong!

be strong, we will get through this together!
by: Grace

guys- I can't stand to look at wrists or have anyone touch my wrists. I cant even look at my own wrists. It's pretty bad. I get made fun of & my so called friends show me their wrists and can get as bad as biting their wrists on purpose. This makes me so nausea and my arm goes numb. I've gotten to the point where I have cried and even thrown up. It's horrible and embarrasing. I'm so glad there's others out there who understand! This is what I needed. Dont worry guys, we are going to get through this! Be strong!

Im not alone
by: Haley

Oh my God I have the same thing... no one understands how horrible it is. People will always make fun of me for it. They try to touch it and I will start to cry and my arm will go num. And they will just laugh and walk away. And in class if im leaning on it I have to stop. I have told my family about it and my mom just said "your being over dramatic your fine" That made me really sad that no one seemed to care. It sucks when i go to the doctor and she takes my pulse i will shrivel up and start to cry. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one and there's others out there. Well pray we get through this. Peace <3

by: Kayla Rae 123

I used to have a really bad fear of the under side of my wrists and I don't know why..
I still do kinda, only sometimes though. I am looking at them right now and when I stretch my hand or lean on it, it feels really weird and it makes me want to stop so I do. When I sleep... I always, always keep them curled in. I think my phobia might be do to the fact that I watched a Lifetime movie when I was younger and there was a sick boy on a bed and someone went to slit his wrist in the hospital. I was sickened, and now as I'm saying this I have to keep curling my wrists in. I always have cold hands and I wonder if maybe this has something to do with my phobia. I still have not found a name for my phobia but I will continue looking because it bothers me that I can't. Urggg

dont touch my wrists!
by: Dani

Omg i really thought i was alone in this too! like having my wrists touched just makes me feel horrible.

My boyfriend will accidentally touch my wrist or something and i freak out! i never understood this but i guess i feel a lot better knowing multiple people have this phobia!

im just so uncomfortable when my wrists are touched especially when someone grabs them! like the other girl said its just the underside that's how mine is too.

phew i really feel better that its not just me being a freak!

im not alone :D
by: Jordan

All my friends call me a lil bitch cua i hate touching my wrists, or someone even starts talking about cutting their wrists. I start to get very anxious andi cant stop picturing it and i just plain hate it......
Does anyone know if theres a name for it?

Touching Wrists
by: Lyndsey

i have a similar phobia. i can look at wrists thats fine. but if things touch my own wrist i freak out. like if i cut a cut or a scratch anything near my wrist i freak out like crazy. if someone just touchs my wrist i get freaked out. everyone calls me emo cuz the way i dress but everytime i think about people cutting their wrists i get creeped out or if i see it on tv i feel like im gunna puke. i wear like a million bracelets so no one cuz touch my wrists.
im glad im not the only one

Fear of wrists
by: Emily

I have an awful fear of wrists. I've never actually came across anyone who shares the same fear, but it was getting to me one day so I researched it, and it turns out that a lot of people suffer from the same fear. It's just making me feel nasious now typing about them and my wrists feel week. Whenever someone touches my wrists I feel like throwing up, I've onced tried to touch my own wrist and thrown up. I can't have my wrists in the same position for too long and I often have to move my hand around until I feel more comfortable. Often when I do stretches and stretch my arm out I fail to do it because my wrists become week. I cannot look at mine or anyone elses wrist without feeling ill. It's awful :(

by: Anonymous

there are others out there oh my gosh!! this is crazy like you have no idea i really thought i was to only one. gees now i dont feel like such a freak!!

Carpophobia Is horrible.
by: Bexy

When I first got this phobia, people made fun of me. I don't know how it started...
This horrible girl in my class was laughing and running after me, shoving her wrists into my face, so I just lay on the floor and cried. I cried and cried and cried, until my friend came over and said "Hey, What's wrong?"
I couldn't speak, All I could do was shiver and cry. The minute I looked back up, Abbie started doing it AGAIN, so I pushed her, and she pressed all the veins down right in my face.
I didn't really faint, but I couldn't see anything, and I fell on the floor. I could hear Abbie laughing and when i finally managed to open my eyes, she was talking to her friends, pressing down on her wrists, and pretending to be me, falling down and crying. I felt so bloody humiliated and wanted to go up to her and punch her in the face, real hard!

I hate wrists!
by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of wrist and am glad to see im not the only one. It makes me feel sick if people touch them or even if i see people with tattoos on their wrists. YUK! My friends seem to think its funny and like to touch their writs in front of my face so i have to close my eyes and tell them to stop.
I also developed this fear from when i was a child and someone told me that if you cut your wrists you bleed to death.
I use to not even be able to wear braclets or a watch but since i developed RSI i have had to wear a wrist support so i can just about manage that!

Omg...I Thought I Was Alone!
by: Sara]:

I have the same fear...My mom is always yelling at me about how I need to get over it...It's starting to really make me mad. One time she even grabbed my wrist and told me I needed to practice getting over it. Another problem is my classmates. I was talking to one of them that I truly trusted and some little sneak heard and told the whole class. For months they came up to me and started blabbering know. They went as far as sticking their filthy wrists in my face. It was so horrible that I started crying. It happened in my next class, too. I thought I would never hear the end of it. It was so traumatic, just thinking about it is making my wrists go numb. But I'm reassured now that I know so many people go through the same thing as me...Hopefully I can explain this to everyone at school and make them stop.

by: Karys

I'm soooooo freaked out of Wrists! I almost threw up when my friend Brittany was touching her wrist. Oh my god. Im curling my wrists inward rite now. ew. ew. ew. ew.
Oh, and Emo ppl. i'm sooooo freaked out of them!! HOW ON EARTH CAN THEY CUT THEIR WRISTS!?!?!? THEYRE SUPERHUMAN!!!! Oh, my god. omg omg omg omg!! What's the phobia called???

by: Anonymous

i have this fear also! I get constant abuse from my class mates, they think its a joke and funny because just seeing their wrist makes mine curl inwards and i cover my neck as well. i cant describe it but i feel ill and i shake. And just seeing someone's wrists sets a spiral in my mind of all the possibilities of what could happen.

I think its strange how nearly everyone who has this fear doesnt know where its come from? Mine has reached a dire level where i cant even face the thought of a wrist with a hair bobble on.

Does anyone know the name so i can get some sort of proffesional help as its really starting to disrupt my everyday life.

me too
by: Anonymous

i just had a fight with my sis about this. they dont get it. i absolutely flip if someone touches my wrist. something snaps and i literally tremble in rage. i cry at the same time. its very confusing. i want to stop it, but i cant. my friends make fun of me too. tho some of my closer friends have learned not to because iv bin known to punch and slap ppl who touch my wrists. i hate this.

i have a fear of wrists aswell !
by: Vikki

I have a fear of wrists aswell
i thought i was alone in having this phobia but it seems that quite a few people suffer from this in many differnt ways!
my friendss laugh at my phobia somtimes as they think no-one else has it, at least i know im not alone :)

I have a fear of wrists too!
by: Rebekah

Im so glad to see that someone else has a fear of wrists, i hate them!!! I can't touch them or put anything against them. Im so scared that someone is going to slit my wrists while im asleep or something lol, i know it sounds stupid but i really hate them!! I think its just the veins that freak me out! I dunno! But do you know the name of this fear?

by: Anonymous

yes, my girlfriend has the same kind of fear. She is always fearing that people are going to break her wrists. you are not alone!

i have it too.
by: Danielle

i have a total fear of wrists. i just call it wristaphobia. i dont care about the side of the top of the wrist, just the underside. it totally freaks me out. ive always heard that u get a phobia from a bad childhood experience. i got mine from those stupid slap bracelets. ya know, the ones that people slap on ur wrist and they curl around ur wrist? well yeah, i hated those things. a couple days ago i was putting a remote on my mantle and there were nails in it and when i dropped my hand down my 'underside' wrwist skin got stuck on the nail and i was just hanging there, having no clue as what to do next. i started crying. actually, my best friend has the same phobia. people used to joke about it and grab our wrist really tight but one day we both just snapped and started screaming at them. they stopped making funn of us. i also cant stand to look at my wrist when im writing. i pull down my sleeves until i finish. i constantly get these gross images in my head about people cutting their wrist. i once saw a girl cut hers and i almost passed out. when im in church and i hear about how he was nailed to the cross i become nausous. it freaks me out.

me too!
by: rachel

I also have the same fear. I cannot stand to look at wrists and i especially can't stand having mine touched. i also can't sit with my chin on my hand. i just recently met someone in one of my classes who has the same fear but not as severe.

I hope it will be of comfort to both of you to hear that this fear isn't as rare as you would think. although it isn't common, there are many people who have the same fear.

me too
by: Rachel

i have the exact same phobia, i curl my wrists inward if people talk about them, i cant watch scary movies in case they know. And if people lean on their hands and its facing me i just freak out!!! its just so so horrible!!

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