Fear of wrists and phobia for blood and organs

by Jessica

I've had several strange phobias ever since I was a child. They are sort of connected, but not really.

The first one is the fear of wrists. Seing my own or some one elses wrists, touching wrists or anything like it makes me nauseous, dizzy and extremely anxious. When the fear was as most intense, this phobia regarder the "backside" of all the big joints (like the backside of the knee and the inside of the elbows). At that time, I could hardly be in the same room as a person who was resting her face in her hands so that the wrist was visible. Teachers who placed their hands on the desk and sort of leaned forward, putting their body weight on their wrists, was a huge problem.

This phobia is not gone but under control, due to having exposed myself to my fears for the past years.

My other phobia is a general phobia for blood and organs. The word abdomen makes me nauseous, and I once passed out when a woman was talking about her C section. I DON'T have a problem with either the lungs or the digestion system, and the organs that do sicken me are the following : Kidneys, ovaries, uterus, spleen, the spinal cord & nervous system (and to some extent: bladder, liver, brain).

This phobia, like the previous one, is now under control. I became seriously ill 4-5 years ago and was forced to deal with my extreme discomfort in order to endure all the time I spent in hospital. Now I'm studying to be a nurse.

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