Fear of Wood Burning Heaters

by Victoria

I have a fear of wood burning heaters. When I was in prep (six years old) i was at a birthday party and i was helping to make a guard around a wood burning heater with chairs.

I slipped over and landed on the wood burning heater and stuck to it, my skin on my arms melted onto it and my friends brother grabbed me and pulled me from the wood burning heater.

It hurt a lot! and i was in slings and bandages and ewy stuff for weeks and weeks. since then i have a fear of wood burning heaters.

I cant go near them i just freak out, i feel like i cant breathe, my hands get sweaty, i get dizzy, my chest gets tight and my ears feel akll blocked i hate it even as im writing this im feeling nervous.

I cant look at them in magazines without feeling nervous and have been able to be in the same room asone but felt really ill.

i dont know anyone else who shares my fear and its annoying because all my friends at school think its weird but i know its not, well it is i guess but i cant help it.

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