Fear of windows

by Alex

Okay so I have a fear of three things.. the most important is the fear of windows, because my mind plays tricks on me and i'll see dead people through them when I hear sirens.
Im also affraid of fire, because my idiot of a neighbor tried catching her house on fire so now im scared she'll try to catch my house on fire because we hate each other.
And last but not least Im affraid of not being able to see, like closing my eyes in the shower or when my room is really dark, but the only 'phobia' would be the windows.
Okay so here's a story that actually happened an hour ago.. so sirens start going off and my friend is telling me about her uncle getting paralized and I look at the DARK window out of the corner of my eye and I start bursting out crying and telling her to not make me look out the window and she gets freaked out yelling DUCK AND COVER because she thinks that there's someone out there and it's like midnight. So yeah.. thats my phobia(s). :)

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