Fear of wind turbines, tall metal towers, metal things underwater...

by Jamie

I have a fear of a few things, i don't know when they started or how i developed the fear but... i have a fear of wind turbines (the tall white ones) i don't know why. It doesn't matter if they are moving or not but i get creeped out as soon as i see them, it's even worse when there is a large group of them. at night they have a red flashing light and that frightens me even more. since i developed the fear of those i noticed that any tall tower with flashing lights freaks me out (especially at night). its not the height of the tower and there's not a specific reason that they scare me. im not scared of them falling or anything like that.
I am also afraid of pool drains. i have been since i was young. there is no reason behind it and no bad experiences that would have led to the fear. from this i have also noticed that many things creep me out that are in water. for example; anchors that are in the water, any type of metal that is visible or that i know is at the bottom.
None of this makes sense to me and im not the type of person to have anxiety or a ton of fears. these are pretty much it. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY. i've noticed that others have these phobia's but i have yet find a reason why.
If anyone has ever found a reason that leads to these phobia's... feel free to let me know.

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