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killer whale phobia
by: Anonymous

This is such a relief knowing that I am not the only one with this fear of killer whales. When I was a young child I was taken to Seaworld to see Shamu. My dad took me down to the tank. Children were over there laughing and getting splashed so I walked up to the tank and looked down into the glass. As I am looking down this huge black mass lifts up towards me. Then right in my face is this massive whale. It opens its mouth and shows this huge open gap with curled pink tongue and huge sharp teeth. If that isn't shocking enough he turns to the side and looks at me. At first I see the large white circle and I'm looking at it thinking wheres the eye, then to the lower left its there, staring at me a beady eye. Evil beady eye. Ever since then they have bothered me. As a young teenager I had issues in any body of water and even today a thought in my backyard pool of having to look around and verify that i'm safe. I realize this isn't rational and in normal life i will not encounter one, but it still affects a part of my life.

My life long struggle with whales
by: Wesley Carr

Whales have always scared me, especially the Orca whales. Or as most people call them, Killer Whales. Most people laugh about it but I find it terrible. Once my aunt gave me a Christmas present. I was 7 years of age. I open it and there it was and what I felt at the time was piercing into my soul. A Whale book, on the study of Whales. I have never been so terrified in my whole entire life! I just recently found out that the small white mark on their eye (what I thought was an eye), is indeed not their eye. It has gotten so bad, that when I was at Target. I saw a huge woman wearing a black jumpsuit and white sunglasses. She looked just like an Orca. I left my shopping cart, left my mother in law's Grey's Anatomy DVD set she so desperately needed, in the shopping cart and ran off into my car. I drove endlessly from afternoon until nighttime. I do not know when the nightmares will end.

Fear Of Whales
by: Anonymous

reading your comments has made me feel a lot better knowing I am not alone.
Whales are a massive fear of mine and I always fine myself having nightmares about them especially when I am stressed or anxious!
does anyone have any tips to help me with this?

Afraid of them
by: Bas

In the past i have been watching movies etc about whales and never have i been scared.

Now, im scared while watching movies, seeing commercials and also when playing games.

It is not funny, that i freaked out when i was playing World of Warcraft in a under water zone and Orca/shark were swimming about and had to attack them.

Never have i been so scared for something as now for these creatures.

solve this fear
by: Anonymous

i was fine untill i watched this movie called "orca the killer whale", was 13 at the time.know i freak out & cry so badly when i see a picture of 1 on tv. im scared of sea animals but mostly the killer whales.when ever i search the internet for cure or my parents advice they say face ur fear, what the hell so i can have a heart attack.i have nightmares everyweek about them how can i face my fear.

my dumb luck this always happens 2 me, i would put the tv on mute on commercials 2 do hw then look up & see a giant picture of an orca swimming so close on tv, or i would be flipping the channels & suddenly the channel i stop at has a story about an orca or some sort of giant whale.know im scared every minute watching out 4 that commercial about sea world on tv.

Whales....yuck :6
by: Anonymous

I thought I was alone..but I hate scared of them,i dont know why but something about them freak me out,i cant even watch the movie happy feet or free willy or anything that has to do with whales.

Fear of whales?
by: Anonymous

I personally love whales (orcas mostly) but i can understand why you are scared of them. They are giant after all. I have a friend that is terrified of fish. If she is in the same room as a fish she'll have a panic attack, if she gets to close to one she'll puke, if she were to visit seaworld she'd probably have a heart attack. I don't really know why im posting this, i'm just bored and i wanted to say that im ok with people hating whales. I just wanted to point out that i love them. Please don't hate me. But when i was younger and i was swimming in a public pool i was terrified a whale would grab me and eat me...

whales are evil

these finks are pure evil. they are coming to get me i know it. everything i see reminds me of whales. and the horrible dreams. I'm on a cruise and suddenly the whale overturns the ship! then in smacks the people with its evil tail. they are pure evil

by: Anonymous

Yaaay I thought I was duumb that they scare me...Sitting at home I'll see a whale on a commercial or someone is talking about Whales (I don't know why they'd talk about whales) then I'll start looking behind me, yeah I know there is noway that they're behind me, and it's scary. I do the same thing with sharks but why whales. There huge but being completely honest I think I'm kind of afraid of all sea life it's ridiculous. I'll take a gold fish in a bowl other than that no..Maye dolphins because they seem nice other so other THAT I'm just fine going without sharks whales and all those other things. :(

death to whales
by: Anonymous

everyone makes fun of me because of my phobia of whales. but i cant even watch that commercial for pacific life. who the hell wants insurance from a whale??????

by: Anonymous

No freakin way, im not the only one?? My friends and family laugh at me all the time. They think im playing but im soooooo scarred of whales. My friends have been tryin to get me to go to Sea World for years... No way in Hell im getting near free willly!! There killer whales!! They drowned there own trainer at sea world not so long ago. I always have nightmares of them swimming underneath my feet in the ocean and them dragging me down down down.... And im dead! And they feed me to their babies. Wow! Im amazed that its an actual phobia that many people have. Cool! So im not alone!

You are NOT alone.
by: Kara

Hun, I'm worse than you. I have dreams about whales killing me and smothering me etc., even dreams of my room underwater and whales coming in and attacking me...I'm scared to go swimming in pools because i think the big light in the 10 foot area is a whale eye...and deep down I know its not but something still makes me terrified...when we went to the beach, i just went in the ocean because My brother did and I didn't want him to think i was scared.....we were in science class & the teacher showed us a video about whales and I hid my eyes and almost starting crying, and people laughed at me for one understands. When we watched Nemo in class, the whale silhouette scared me so much i hid again, and my heart was thumping really fast.....and that is just animated silhouette!! I'm scared its serious, especially since I've never even seen one in person. NO ONE HERE is alone, and I hope someone finds a cure for this...

me too
by: Anonymous

I also have this fear. If I see a picture or video of one I have a panic attack. I was even afraid to click on the link to this site because there might be a picture on it. The worst is when they are completely surrounded in the color blue (same goes for dolphins and shake surrounded in blue). Orcas aren't so bad. It's mostly blue whales and the rest of the hideous filter mouth beasts.

Not alone!!!
by: Sierra

I'm so glad I'm not alone! I've had this fear for no reason! I'll freak out and start crying and screaming if anyhting about them comes up. Even talking about it makes me imagine it and it scares me to death! I won't touch the floor or anything that reminds me of them until I stop freaking out.
My friends think I'm crazy and try to scare me all the time!
Anyway I'm so glad I'm not alone on this! I just hope someone finds a cure.

Giant whale room
by: Anonymous

Wow I've had these terrifying dreams where I'm in this huge room, it's like a museum/aquarium, and there's always this big window and I always know what's behind it. I panic and pray to wake up and for some reason I can't. Of coarse I go look and see a whale and wake up in a cold sweat...

by: kim

omg. no. definitely not. people think im crazy too, but i cant help it. theyre so big and gross. im 5 foot and im like not even the size of its flipper/arm. i have dreams of whales :( so scary

OMG You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I hate whales they are so scary I also had a dream that I was in the middle of the ocean and one came form under me omg I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or sister is also afraid of whales too, I think it is pretty normal..:)

by: Anonymous

I am totally the same way!!! I can't look at pictures and I can't watch videos....I can look at a beached whale or a baby whale. Other than that I just can't do it. It's mostly humpbacks and blue whales that scare me the most. Orca's aren't so bad but even looking at them or dolphins is becoming a problem...soon it's going to be fish. Sharks are never an issue though....I have no idea why! But glad I'm not alone. :)

no way!
by: Anonymous

i am extremely afraid of whales. your not the only one

me too!
by: Anonymous

omg it makes me so happy to read that other people have the same fear! my family makes fun of me constantly but the thought of being in the unknown with a gigantic creature under my feet scares me so bad. they are soooo scary.

by: whatlehater

I am a scientist and many people in the world have this fear. There is no need to worry. Even I myself have this fear. It is called cytophobia. You may want to see a counceler.

free willy is creepy
by: Anonymous

i was watching free willy on my computer in a dark office and everytime the whale swam out of the scene i felt like it was around me and got shivers up my legs, killer whales are really the worst one.

You are not the only one
by: rachel

I have the same exact fear. Killer Whales scare me the most. I even took a step in facing my fear and went to sea world, and I ended up crying. As you can see, you are definitely not the only one.

im also scared of whales
by: shaikha

im scared of whales because of this whale shark thingy that i saw in atlantis in dubai and from that day i kept on having nightmares about whales and sharks and other huge sea creatures swimming around me and i am happy to know that im not the only one with this fear and i started with this phobia since i was 9 !!!!!!!

i dont mind going on a cruise or a yaught in deeper parts of the sea but im too scared to get too deep on a speed boat

by: WOW!! :D

OMG! kaay like everyone always says "dude, that's a stupid fear" but i can't help it either! just like any of those other people; nothing triggered it. when i was 7, i went to Disneyworld and was 'bout a meter away from a killerwhale; I'D PEE MY PANTS IF I DID THAT NOW!! (i'm 13 now) i was in the lake with my friend, i wouldn't DARE but my feet lower that a meter into the UNSEEN WATER. my friend then said "does anyone else feel .. blubber?"i started FREAKING out adn CRYING because it's a BIG lake && just .. they're just so .. FRICKING HUGE! i started screaming & laughing and crying at the same time! (laughing kuz it scared me so bad and kuz my friends were laughing) i ahve this dream. . that i'm in a dreamlike room; with a HUUUUGE tank of WHALES AND OTHER SCARY OCEAN THINGS!! AHH; & there's an EXTREMELY narrow sidewalk along it, & i have to walk it :|. i wake up, and my pillow's all wet.. from crying in my SLEEP!

glad im not alone
by: lindsey

I used to love watching free willy when i was younger it was the best. I even watched the movie orca a few times and i would be fine, but one night i had a dream that i was on a little boat, in the ocean, alone, in the night and a killer whale was swimming next to me, ever since then i was never able to watch anything pertaining to whales (killer whales) i should say and the movie orca goes down as the scariest movie ever made! For some reason im able to see all other whales on tv sometimes as long as i dont see the tail that big giant tail freaks me all the way out, but killer whales are where my phobia kicks in to extreme. i think it may be the color this big giant perfectly black and white animal swimming around. FREAKY!!! im also afraid of pandas...BALCK AND WHITE ANIMALS ARE WEIRD.

by: Anonymous

While I think they are animal that should be protected and may actually be more intelligent then humans I'm deathly afraid of them videos of whales and other sea animals freak me out. I'm not afraid of any other type of animal at all and have no reason for such a fear.

whales suck
by: Anonymous

I saw a pic of a whale in my science book when i was a kid and ever since then I have been afraid of them. Cant look at pictures of them or on TV. The thought of them gives me anxiety. People think Im faking. It sucks cuz sometimes I have to play it off when others are around. Hope i dont have dreams tonight. I hate that people are so ignorant about it. My dad took me whale watching once. I nearly died when I found out what we were there for. They are huge. WHALES SUCK

by: Anonymous

Listen for me whales were cool for me until i was 11 when i got a huge fear of em. idk why but each time im in a pool or taking a shower i hear an orca an i get scared like hell and hurry the hell up and get out there. its so scary and when i found out free willy was a the movie about the whale i thought it was about the kid not the whale. then i freaked out each time the big cut scene about it came on. just to let EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE thats ur no alone and i have welcome arms to comfort no to be a pervert BUT this fear has to be STOPPED

by: Kayla

Lauren.. I feel the Exact same way about them ! like even reading those comments gave me chills.. I have no idea whyy I all of a sudden became afraid of themm.. I guess its just the thought of them being so HUGE.. and like being able to swallow you whole.. even cartoon whales scare me... I get teased at my work.. which is daycamp so its not a suprize lol.. I thought I was like the ONLY one who was afraid of them ! ahaa I cant look at pictures of videos cause then my eyes start to water and eventually start crying.. i dont feel safe with my feet touching the ground.. even talking about them makes my eyes water..

freaking whales
by: Anonymous

alrightt i thought i was wicked weird. im so freaked out by whales. i can see pictures of killer whales because i think theyre cute, but any other kind i cant even look at. and great white sharks, just the way they look.

by: Lauren

Omg! I thought I was the only one! I randomly started being terrified of whales about a year ago. Nothing triggered it but Im insanely afraid when I swim in the lake where I live because I think a whale will be beneath me! And I'm not afraid that one will eat me or anything, they just scare me. I can't look at videos or pictures either. I get teased a lot about it, but it's not funny! Haha! Glad to know I'm not some freak!

by: Cayla

We talked about whales today in my college class. Everytime the professor said the word "whales", I screeched. I get mental images! I am so paranoid about it. I am the same way though, I can go into the ocean, but only about knee deep, if I go any deeper I am paranoid looking down the whole time watching for anything, same in pools, even though I know it won't be there, I still freak myself out. Whales are useless, why would they even be on earth? To freaking scare people? Job well done. It's kind of weird, too, I am also scared to death of submarines, they remind me of whales lol.

i'm not the only one!!
by: prettybaby

i have a paralyzing fear of whales. my dad said when i was 4 ( i don't remember this) he took me to a public pool that had a whale mosaic on the bottom. he threw me in and when i came up FREAKED out. i had to be taken out of the theater when i went to see free willy as a 10 year old. i can't swim alone, even in a pool and hot tubs and baths freak me out. i just keep picturing whales. especially orcas. everyone makes fun of me but i can't help it. i have recurring nightmares about them too, bungee jumping over whale tanks and the cord breaking.

by: Michelle

I have a huge fear of whales too!
No one I know understands how terrified I have of them. I can't look at picture's, videos, movies, ANYTHING without getting scared out of my mind! I've had this fear ever since I was little, probably six or seven. My parents signed me up for swimming classes then and I was perfectly fine until I had to dive in the 13 ft pool! OMG I had this huge fear that a whale would be in the pool and as I jumped and it was too late. I visit the ocean a lot and have no fear in the shallow waters but, I have to keep my eyes open under all kinds of water for fear a whale will be right in front of me. I probably sound insane but I can't help it, I fear all kinds of whales. I get teased a lot for it, so its nice to have some people who understand me.

by: Cayla

I am scared to death of whales, also. I am scared they will be under me when I am swimming. I haven't had any bad dreams about them yet, but I certainly can't watch videos or see pictures or anything. They scare me more than anything and it was a very spontaneous fear. Nothing triggered it. I've never had any bad experiences, I'd like to know what the deal is!!!!! :) You're not alone!

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