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I'm not the only one!?
by: Anonymous

Wow, I am a 15 year old girl and all my friends make fun of me because of my fear of whales. I didn't know other people were afraid of them! I mean, just looking at pictures of whales scares me and when somebody starts talking about whales my whole body tenses up. I don't know why, but I am afraid of whales. Ever since I was a young child they scared me. I have nightmares about being in the middle of the ocean on the surface and I'll look all around me and all I'll see is ocean, nothing else. Then I look down and there is a lot of whales swimming right under my feet and I begin to have a panic attack and try to swim away but I can't. I mean, I know it sounds pathetic.. but whales just scare me so badly! All my friends and family joke around about it, but I seriously can't help it. At least I am not the only person who has this phobia, yays! It feels good to know that other people have this fear.

by: Jhendrixx

I thought I was alone. Lol people make fun of me for being afraid of whales. The sight of one freaks me out so bad. It gives me the worst anxiety and a panic attack! It's weird, but oh well!

Thank goodness it's not just me!!
by: Anonymous

I had always liked humpback whales, orcas, (etc.) But for some reason when I listened to their sound on YouTube once....I FREAKED OUT. All I can picture in my mind, is me trying to swim fast in the ocean, when this big black mass swimming towards making those sounds....So whales, please don't sing me the song of your people...

let's start a club!!
by: Ashton

Hey y'all! I am a pretty tough, cool girl. Not much scares me except plane crashes, tornadoes, and WHALES. Not killer whales though, just blue ones. Killer whales look too much like pandas. Everyone always thinks it's so silly, and so do I! But, Any picture of a blue whale really makes me feel awful. Giant hanging fake ones at museums, and scary whale bones above my head are THE WORST. I feel a real sense of losing control when i see them. I appreciate the creatures and I loathe whale hunters, but my eyes just can't seem to handle their....horribly ugly giant-ness. I'm in awe when I just now googled the word for fear of whales trying to think of band names, and I found this site. I am roaring in laughter at all of you, sounding EXACTLY like me. (which I seriously thought I was the only one) I think we should all become friends because of this strange fear. I say we start a club! Great things can happen when cetaphobiacs come together!!! Email me! Ladybagel at

So happy I'm not alone in this!
by: Anonymous

I am so scared of whales and dolphins, it's turned into a hatred of them. I can't understand why anyone would ever want to swim with them. It's so scary,the bigness, the tiny eyes, the depth. That they swim, the noises they make, but I seem to have a morbid fascination with them. I read recently that whales closest relative is e hippo, camel and goat!!!! They were originally mammals on land with four legs and even hooves, and then they decided to go back into the water and unevolve. This seems ridiculous to me. They are just WRONG. What the hell did they look like on land. Omg. Can you imagine a whale on land. That's the other scary thing about them, that when they are on land, they sometimes explode under the pressure of they're own weight. Gross. Ergo, kill all whales.

by: Anonymous

I am SO glad I found this forum. I cannot stand to see whales anywhere, whether on television or in person. When people ask me why I'm afraid of whales, it's so hard to explain. They're just so big and overwhelming. I don't think they'll intentionally hurt any one but they're so big they could end your life in a second. I don't like a the big, dark ocean either.

Whales terrify me!
by: Anonymous

I think it's the size! I just think about me in a boat, and them swimming up to. Me! It's terrifying! If I unexpectedly see a whale, I scream! My friends all think it's hilarious of course:/

So Glad I'm Not Alone
by: Anonymous

This fear seemed to come out of nowhere. As a child I loved the movies Free Willy and Pinocchio. I am 25 years old and I cant even look at a picture of a blue whale. I can't hear the sound of of them. I can't go underwater- even in the lake. I have severe panic attacks. Am I crazy? Where did this fear come from?


Okay honestly when i was younger (actually i was probably twelve) whenever i saw a picture of a whale or shark i would burst into tears.. and i still have a pathological fear of whales especially and have nightmares about them. I don't have the nightmares as frequently anymore but am still deathly afraid. One nightmare i had was that the whole earth flooded and the ocean was EVERYWHERE. Then i had an aerial view of the earth from space and water was falling from earth into space like a waterfall. SCARIEST FUCKING NIGHTMARE OF MY LIFE. If anyone knows how to alleviate this fear please let me know soon.

Whales all around me
by: Shruthi

When ever I go swimming, I always imagine that a big giant whale is right beside me trying to attack me!!!! I am very scared of sea creatures.

They're ginormous
by: Shelby

Y'all have no idea how happy I am to not be alone in this somewhat irrational fear. Next time my friends and family make fun of me for it, I'll be showing them this thread lol

Btw- fuck Cast Away and especially the Pacific Life commercials.

there are others :D
by: mike

i always thought there were no other people in the world who feared whales, and that always made me feel different. my friends and family always joked about it, but when you get right down to it, they simply scare the crap out of me. i don't like going near the ocean because i always thought a giant whale would come out and eat me. thanks for listening and its nice to know there are others.

Weird Girl
by: Anonymous

I have been afraid of whales since I went on a whale watch boat tour in my hometown of Monterey Bay, California. I saw one coming by our boat and literally had an anxiety attack and landed in the hospital. Anything "Whale" scares me, from images to cartoons, even sounds of whales! I'm glad I am not alone in this, oh and sharks that's my other great fear along with butterflies and odd numbers.

Creepy as Hell
by: Anonymous

SO BIG. *shudder* Just the thought of being in the water and seeing that giant shadow lurking in the misted distance. And the sound. That awful, haunting, echoed moan they make. Forget sharks and the like. Whales are the true monsters of the sea. For they have deceived so many with their "gentle innocence". Their day will come, though. Mark my words. Their day will come. Glad to know at least a few of my fellow humans would stand with me in the resistance.

Also, eff this Captcha thing for giving me "echoes" as my word. Not cool, bro.

by: Serena

Wow, and here I thought I was a loner with a very strange problem. I LOVE whales and dolphins...with the exception of the Blue Whale. It's the shape and size that terrify me...oddly enough I *think* I may have gotten my phobia due to playing a Sega Genesis game called "Ecco the Dolphin"

In this game you're to meet up with a wise Blue Whale called "The Big Blue" in an icy Arctic cavern. Little did I realize that I was making my dolphin swim way too fast and suddenly there was this giant, elongated and terrifying face and made a very strange sound. Needless to say it frightened the hell out of me.

Now I can't even look at pictures, film clips, CGI renditions, the like. It causes me to scream and my heart rate to race and thump so hard! I have to close my eyes until it's gone. I have even had nightmares where I had a Blue Whale coming straight towards me and opening it's mouth to suck me in...didn't sleep for the rest of the night!

Whale, this is interesting
by: Skribbblie the Madcap

Sperm whales, they just scare the piss out of me. None of the others though, no sir, just sperm whales in particular - and similar looking nuclear submarines, now that I think about it. Really, the ocean in general scares me, but sperm whales just take it up a notch being completely black and diving to the deepest depths of it.

by: Anonymous

When I saw the whale in cast away and finding nemo, that's when I realized how terrified of whales I really am. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

by: Arnav Ramkrishnan

People make fun of me, but I tell you whales really are terrifiying.

And I know whales dont harm people, neither do they eat Humans for dinner, but even the thought of swimming whales, or rather big things swimming (Also hydroelectric turbines) simply scares hell out of me.

I mean, once I had many panic attacks while bathing and swimming, like in the school swimming pool when I imagined a whale coming towards me and I had to jump out of the pool, my heatbeat rose enormously. When people asked what happened I made the excuse that I hurt my legs.

But seriously, now the fear is increasing. I have generalized it to even buckets of water. Now even while taking a bath, I cannot close my eyes, becuase then I feel that I am in the middle of a ocean with blue whale coming directly towards me.

by: Whales are no joke

Castaway. Scariest movie ever. I HATE the whale scene. Hate it.

THANK you.
by: Anonymous

The fear itself is called "cetaphobia." But it's good to know that there are other people who think whales are f*cking TERRIFYING. When I was a little girl, I lived in St. Louis and in the zoo's atrium, there was a life-size replica of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling. Of course, I was always afraid it was going to fall and crush us all. Ever since even looking at pictures of whales or hearing them keen puts me on the verge of tears. For a while now, my parents have been encouraging me to go whale watching to prove how "harmless and beautiful" they are, but I'd probably end up doing the technicolor yawn over the rails...

omg i thought i was the only one...
by: missmeg86

I'm laughing as I write this because I didn't think anyone else could be afraid of whales... I can watch cartoon ones just fine, but i watched free willy and at the part where he jumps over the kid i about had a panic attack... That used to be my favorite movie as a kid, and i thought ill watch it with my kids and nope i almost had a panic attack... I don't know why I am afraid of them... I just think because they are so BIG! I saw one that was bigger than the boat these people were on when they were watching them and it just freaked me out so bad! the small ones, like the ones the size of a bottle nose dolphin don't bother me, and sharks don't bother me, but whales... oh god....

:O not just me then!
by: Anonymous

This is a really recent thing, I used to be fine with whales! But my young cousins came to stay a little while ago and they had a CD of whale music. When they played it I got in such a state I had to leave the room. For some reason the sound whales make makes me cry hysterically! I get really down from it :L everyone laughs at me becasue it's meant to be calming but seems to have the opposite effect on me!Just the thourght of whales freakes me out
Glad I'm not the only one to have a whale phobia :L

:O not just me then!
by: Anonymous

This is a really recent thing, I used to be fine with whales! But my young cousins came to stay a little while ago and they had a CD of whale music. When they played it I got in such a state I had to leave the room. For some reason the sound whales make makes me cry hysterically! I get really down from it :L everyone laughs at me becasue it's meant to be calming but seems to have the opposite effect on me!Just the thourght of whales freakes me out
Glad I'm not the only one to have a whale phobia :L

Fear of Whales
by: Anonymous

Everyone makes fun of me because of me fear of whales & say, "They're so gentle,they won't hurt you, they only eat krill." But what they don't realize is it's not that I think they'll hurt me, it's just they are SO BIG! I dont know why, but really big things scare me! Even the big pool at sea world gives me anxiety, I can't stand it! I hate this; no one understands how scary whales are!

Glad to see I'm not alone.
by: Anonymous

I just get creeped out by the thought of seeing a giant freaking creature swimming towards me, seemingly out of nowhere! It's horrifying! I would freak out if I were out in the middle of the ocean and I spot a whale near/under/around my boat.

Irrational or rational?
by: scaredy catttt :P

I've always found it quite hilarious that i'm terrified of whales. When I was little I almost drowned in a motel swimming pool and for the longest time I was afraid of water. Especially the ocean. I got used to swimming at the public pool b/c it's so hot in the summer! But all through middle school I didn't like visiting my grandma b/c she lived at the coast b/c I couldn't stand looking at the ocean or even hearing it. But I have gotten over my horrible fear of large water and I've narrowed it down. For a long time I was also very much afraid of all sea creatures. Even sea lions. But eventually I got over that as well and now It's narrowed down to just all types of whales. even the cute Beluga whales freak me out! I get made fun of for it all the time, so I'm really glad there's more people out there who are just as afraid as I am! I thank you <3

Life-long phobia
by: Anonymous

*hides under her pillow* Omigod, me too!! I just CANNOT stand the sight of whales without freaking out!! Pinocchio, Finding Nemo, Moby Dick, they all TERRIFY me! >< When I was really little and I used to go to the museum they had the skeleton of a humpback whale hanging from the ceiling of an almost pitch black room, and even when not compared to a little girl, that's scary!! I also took a vacation to see House on the Rock once when I was a little older--Heritage of the Sea, I'm telling you right now, NEVER DO IT.

And dont get me started on the noises they make
by: Anonymous

ohh my god this is fantastic I thought I was alone! mine started with little mermaid at the very beginning you can see the belly and the side of the whale. pinocchio was the worst. I had nightmares from lunch I still can't watch it to this day. I'm really bad with finding nemo too. I'm already scared of open water but then they have to go put a whale in it. really?? I have nightmares about whales all the time and they.renot hurting me but it's just the idea of one near me terrifies me.

by: Anonymous

THAT IS MY BIGGEST FEAR! I get shivers if I THINK about whales because then theyre inevitably pictured in my mind!! They are simply TOO BIG to not scare me senseless.

So thankful to know I'm not alone!
by: Kellykid

Ever since I was a kid, I have been terrified of
Whales. They're so big! I know it's not a rational fear, and I know they're very gentle creatures, but I still fear them. I have a fear of the open ocean as well. I can't go to Seaworld without freaking out, even their website gives me a panic attack. I'm not sure how to get over this fear, but it's ruining my life. :(

by: Jonathan

Whales eat small fish and plankton, so unless you fall under those lines, your'e fine. You should be afraid of sharks though, one small cut, they will smell you and eat you. While i'm posting, people kill whales, whales don't kill people.

Strange fear
by: Anonymous female

I can watch their tails just above the surface of water but the minute the camera is in the water and along side a whale, I can't look! I find it so bizarre because I should have no reason to fear them. I couldn't even watch the part in Finding Nemo when the whale was coming towards the two fish even though I knew the whale was drawn by an artist and computer! I'm with others in saying I'd rather swim with a shark any day than a whale! Oh, and whale sharks, I can't handle them either! That gaping mouth! I'd feel more "normal" if I had a fear of snakes or spiders, but I'm fine with those! Dolphins, killer whales, sharks, all ok! Whales, nope! Can't handle them at all!

They freak me out!
by: Anonymous

The first time I realized how terrified I was of whales was when I ended up on a website that shows you a whale in life size (AND ITS EYE IS YOUR ENTIRE SCREEN) I couldn't even close the browser window without covering my face. Then I went to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and there was a HUGE whale model hanging above on the ceiling, which really didn't help because I also have a fear of walking under large things (thanks to an airplane museum, I did NOT enjoy walking under those planes) so my friends led me along the wall and I kept my eyes averted. THEN on the bottom level, I was looking at some of the exhibits and there was one of a squid, so I wanted to take a picture and as I got closer I realized that the squid was ON A WHALE'S FACE and ran away as fast as I could and attached myself to my friend's arm and she had to calm me down. It was the worst. I never realized how terrified I was of whales. And I'm really glad I'm not the only one; some of my friends think this is a really stupid phobia to have.

by: Anonymous

I'm a junior in high school and we have to read Moby Dick for my English class, there's pictures on every page and I've always been TERRIFIED of whales.
My entire class thinks it's absolutely HILARIOUS that I practically have a panic attack everytime we turn the page.
Glad to know I'm not the only one afraid of whales, though! It's such a random thing to be afraid of.

by: Anonymous

WOOHO i am not alooooooone! I think I got my fear from when i was a kid and watched pinocchio. my fear then evolved when i was at the whale section in a museum. to enter the whale section you had to go through the model of a whale. it was like a tunnel and with my school we went to that museum a lot, and we always had to go to the whale section...
you entered the whales mouth and then had to walk through the body while a loud whale sound blasted from some speakers somewhere.

uuuuuuuuh it was horrible, and now everyone makes fun of meeeeee.

ew whales are ew
by: surricate

ok EVERYONE makes fun of me for being completely petrified of whales! I think I'm scared of them mostly because of their size too. like how someone said they remember a book comparing the size of a whale to like the length of five school buses or something...that FREAKS ME OUT. and I'm scared of that like open-water-vast-nothingness-unknown too! its freaky! and that whole silhouette of a whale in the distance thing...omg it makes me wanna curl up in a ball right now, not even kidding! like I really thought I was the only weirdo in the world who was like literally terrified of whales but I'm glad I'm not. and like someone else said, I'm mostly terrified of whales, like literally terrified, but sometimes just like any GIANT sea life scares me. I can't believe someone else in the world really shudders at pictures of whales like me!

... YOU my good sir have taken the words right from my MIND. MINDRAPE, I SAY! erm- yeah. but i hates whales. so, so much. the size, seeing them swim in a bunch of really deep, really vast water. like in Nemo. EXACTLY LIKE NEMO. that movie got me hating/fearing them, believe it or not.

Fear of Whales
by: Mia

I too have this fear of whales, and I am always made fun of for it! I never liked large sea creatures or fish to begin with, but there's something extra horrific about whales. I went to a museum in Wisconsin (USA) that had a 3 story life size sculpture of a whale, and I practically had to be pulled past the thing to get to the other exhibits! Whales are scary... thank god I grew up in the Midwest!

what 2 do
by: Anonymous

i have the same fear and my 6 year daughter loves 2 go 2 seaworld. i dont know how i do it i guess thats how much i love her because when it comes 2 the whale show i sit as far away as possible my husband & daughter sit as close as they can. last year we went we had our stroller so we had to take the elevator for everything. well we took the elevator followed the croud & took a wrong turn & ended up on a bridge up above the whale tank as soon as i looked down i saw that we were right above them & the bridge could brake & we could fall into the tank i started 2 cry, scream, & shake the workers & husband had 2 take me 2 the 1st aid office. they must have been thinking what a stupid women if u have this fear why did u come here. i did it 4 my kid. let me tell u every summer my daughter wants 2 go & i just want 2 die!!

Makes me cry
by: Rosanne

Any kind of big creature in the sea freaks me out! I used to be scared of space as well, you know as in the milkyway-space. Absolutely freaks me out! Seeing whales in an open blue sea swimming just gives me weeks of sleepless nights! It doesnt matter whether it's a blue whale, killerwhale or Whaleshark [ which isn't even a whale but a shark] I once saw a whaleshark in Egypt when I was 9. And even though they are sharks, they are about 17 metres long and their "mouth" is a 5 metre diagonal black gab. I freaked out when I saw it rly. I still have nightmares. I didn't dare to look in my biology book because I knew there were whales in there. Or documantary's or WNF commercials you know.
But guys I'm sooooooooooooooo glad I'm not alone! I've never really been able to make anyone understand. They always make fun of it or show me whales.

I hate them!
by: No L

I guess my fear of whales started when I first watched Finding Nemo when the whale came out from behind them and ate them. I know it was a 'good guy' and was trying to 'help them' but i'm always so afraid that a whale could eat me whole! And its small, black eyes r the WORST! I've always wanted to be a deep sea diver... but thanks to my fear of whales i'll never be able to. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who fears whales though!

Teary eyed.
by: Lopez

I'm so glad I found this site! I thought I was alone in my fear! I am so terrified of whales! I don't know what triggered my fear...just one day I was on a cruise I looked out to the black water at night and imagined a giant whale jumping out of the water and landing right in front of me. I started crying and ever since just thinking of whales makes me tear up

bite me
by: Anonymous

i think that a whale will one day come up and eat me. and i going to a place were whales are and i think they will come up out of the water and eat me

Gentle giant my ASS
by: Anonymous

Whales suck!!!! Folks dont understand why, but I'm glad we do. I have been afraid of them sapsuckers for as long as I can remember! Nature's gentle giant my ASS! I have never voluntarily watched Free Willy. Sharks do not bother me though, I think they are cool. Whales on the other hand, not so much.

Not alone
by: Anonymous

I can't even express it with words. I never thought i would find so many others with my same fear. Which seems unreal to ppl around me. they find it stupid...
Anything we can do about this??? I've tried to force myself to seeing them in pictures and videos and i just cant!!! :(
I'm desperate because even tho i know they are nowhere near me there are all over the TV and the internet popping out when you less expect it!!

ive never been more terrified..
by: Anonymous

I literally cant stand anything about them. i hate their size, im petrified of they noise they make, im terrified of the depth they live in.. Even if i see a picture of one, or a clip of them on TV, i break down crying and have to leave the room.. All my friends just think its really entertaining to keep tricking me into looking at pictures of whales..
I was on my friends laptop once, on tumblr or flickr or something.. and i was viewing someones profile, and the last thing youd expect to see was a whale.. but there is was, 3 people, standing on a sheet of glass, looking down as a giant grey, black and white whale. It was so clear to look at it didnt look like it was even swimming underwater. I was so petrified, that i started screaming and crying because it had schocked me so bad and i literally threw the laptop off of my lap. My friend had to take the photo away before i could go back to what i was doing again.. I would brobably die of fear if i ever came face to face with one.. or even near one as a matter of fact.. so yeah, im terrified of whales.

whale hating
by: Whale hater

i dont know why but i went to sea world too when i was little like some of you guys and just a year or so ago i started studing something in 5th grade and there was a picture of a whale on a magazine and that just triggered somthing i have always been afraid of going far out into the ocean if gone swimming in ocean recently and i just didnt like going out far i would get scared and run for my life back t the shore and also i have fear of sharks and stuff and on time i went to a mall and there was a HUGE teddy bear it was twice as big as a real bear and every time i touched i an away i think its that i dont like big things but i once encountered a stuffed fox dressed in a nice outfit from the 1800's from Englnd and every time i touched it a weird shock thingy went through my whole entire body idk it was weird. if anyone has any advice to give me to get me over this fear please write a comment.

so releived
by: Anonymous

Its so good to know I'm not the only one ! The first time I remember seeing one and being terrified was when the kleenex advert was on tv, it jumped out the water and my heart started racing and I just froze, when I caught my breath I just ran out the room and cried. For me its all trypes of them, I don't know whether it's the size or the fear of the unknown but they just scare the shit out of me ! Even if some talks about them I have to leave the room. Everyone takes the piss and always puts something on the tv with them on or posts pictures of them on my facebook page. Pictures of a wide open area of sea also terrifies me just the idea that there could be one. I really want to get over this phobia but I don't know how! I think its helped to know I'm not the only one !

Fear of whales
by: DunnoWhyJustAm

Wow! I can't tell you how releived I am not to be the only one! I cannot work out WHY I am so frightened of them, but I just am - I certainly don't think it's been passed down from anyone. I can't stand listening to them -like in documentaries - and I can't even look at them in a book or magazine. It's so irrational, but it paralyses me with fear! Until I Googled the phobia (cetaphobia), I had no idea other people were scared like me!

I can't look at dolphins without feeling jittery, and I'm not much better with sharks, either. And a whale-watching holiday would be my idea of HELL.....

Well, it's made my day to read all the other comments - I don't feel so much of a freak now! - thanks, everyone..... xxx

by: Anonymous

I Always Thought I Was only One scared Of Whales. Ever Since Third Grade Ive Been Terrified. My Parents Wanted to Move To California And Live On The Beach, But I Talked them Out Of It beacause Of The Whales. In Third Grade We Went To Sea Side As A vacation, Unfourtanetly We Went To The Aquarium Am I Am Also Terrified Of Every thing In Water, So There Was A Skeleton Of A Whale. i Can Barley Sleep At Night Because Of Them, It Terrifies Me So Bad. Ive Ben Trying To Get over it But It's In Possible For me so Ive Given Up I Hope You All CAn Get Over Your Fear

by: zac b

my dad is afraid of whales because when he was a kid he saw a pic of a whale and freaked out and he hates whale sounds and the movie NEMO its so funny though

im not alone
by: Anonymous

im glad im not the only one. we went whale watching in australia and i went to the lower deck and cried.

I'm glad I'm not alone
by: John Peter

I was totally not expecting to find that my fear is an actual phobia, and I wasn't expecting to find so many people who share it with me. I love reading about whales and watching videos about them, but if I get near one, or think I'm near one, in real life, my heart just starts racing. The thought of actually being in the open ocean with something that big just gives me goosebumps! I remember going to Sea World as a kid and enjoying the show with the Killer Whales, but when my parents tried to get me to pet the whales, they literally had to force my hand onto the Orca's skin. And that's just the Killer Whales. The bigger whales, like the Sperm Whales and Blue Whales, they're the scariest. I just hope I never have to go swimming with a whale.

I hate whales
by: HBG

Ever since I was young I always had a fear of whales. Just the thought of them gives me the chills. They're just so massive and just don't deserve to live. I remember when i was 5 and on vacation and we went whale watching in MExico. I started hysterically crying and was nervous that the whales would eat our boat. I still have nightmares to this day. Also, one vacation at the hotel I was staying at, there was a picture of a whale on the bottom of the pool on the tiles. I was afraid to ever step foot in the pool. I thought that if I went in, a whale would arise from below to tiles and kill me. THEYRE JUST SO FUCKING BIG AND ANYONE THATS SWIMS WITH THIM IS SO STUPID! WHY WOULD YOU EVER GET IN THE WATER WITH A 2 TON WHALE?!?! thank you

by: Anonymous

My mum has a fear of whales and passed it on to me when i was younger !! All my life people have made fun of me for being sccared of them! I remember when i was in year 6 we had a picture in one of the textbooks and we were learning on that page, and i started crying cos i was so scared, and everyone always says to me "Its not guna jump out the page!" OBVIOUSLY I KNOW THAT IM NOT AN IDIOT. Also i cannot go in the sea! hate to even look at the sea cos the first thing i think about is whales! Iv never watched free willy, well i tried once but managed 5 mins and then started crying LOL. Theres a museum in london that has a lifesize model of a whale NEVER going there !! i cant even go into the aquarium without my heart racing incase theres pictures of them! Once me and my boyfriend went swimming (in a pool) and he was like look theres a whale behind you! an i started crying and had to get out, even though i new there wasnt one lol but the though scared me soo much !! I honestly thought me and my mum were the only people though ! its so strange that so many people can be scared of the same thing for the same reasons. the size, the teeth, the eyes, and the weird things that stick to their face :/ lets just hope we never come across one :)

by: Anonymous

im so happy to know that im not the only one in this world to have a fear of whales
since early childhood i couldnt watch documentary
programms becaus of this fear i cant stand them

by: Anonymous

I have a massive fear of any kind of whale and just the thought of them freaks me out. I've had this since I was a young child and couldn't watch Pinocchio or Moby Dick without having a panick attack. It is so bad that I cannot even look at a picture of them - someone had a screen saver at Work of a whales tail and I freaked out. I would never ever venture to Sea World as I could not go anywhere near Shamu. The shear size, look, sound they make, everything about them I hate and I could never ever face my fear. I've had my fear for nearly thirty years and it's never gone away or got any better and its good to hear there are other people like me. I am a strong swimmer but could not go out in the open sea because of my fear either. Anyway off to get my breath back now as just reading everyones comments makes my heart race and my breathing faster.....

shark vs. whale
by: Anonymous

I totally agree that if given the choice I would rather swim with a shark than be near a whale. They are stinking creepy. I recently learned that they migrate all over the world, so a whale that spends it summers in Japan can end up in Hawaii. That is especially unnerving because they could stalk you if you are anywhere near the ocean. I can't over emphasize the disgusting creepiness of whales. Reading the comments about the movie Castaway brought back bad memories of being in the theater and hearing the whale song and then seeing that psycho whale pop out of the water. I am getting sick just thinking about it, and how about the scene in Free Willy when the kid fell into the whale tank. Try living through that in a dark theater.

by: Anonymous

You could call it cetaphobia, specifically the fear of whales, but I don't think this is official. It comes from the Greek cetus, also the name of the mythological Greek sea monster.

ive always called it mobydickaphobia. if i see a whale on tv or in a magazine i bug out. i cant look at them. especially the big ass tail coming out of the water. OMG

me too
by: Anonymous

omg i totally thought i was alone thx for making me feel like everyone else. whales are just so big... (shudder)

by: elr

I can't believe this is so common! whales terrify me too.... I just can't stand their sheer size, and their call just..... i hate it!

thank god.
by: Emily

i am so glad i found this, seriously you can't imagine.
whales are the worst thing in the world to me. i can't comprehend them and i don't like thinking about them. we were studying them in biology at school once and i saw a drawing (a fucking drawing!) of a blue whale that was the size of my thumb and i started having a panic attack. i had to leave the room and i got dismissed from doing that project. i hate seeing them on TV or in the cinema too. it just makes me cry and whimper and shit. my ex-boyfriend had no sympathy either. he set my desktop background as a picture of one and he got everyone i knew to put it as their phone backgrounds and shit.


by: Anonymous

i hate whales! so scary! i was in the movie theatre on my birthday with my friends to see the Last Song and one of the trailers was for that movie taht came out on earth day called nature or something like that. anyway it had whales and since it was in a movie theatre it was surround sound and HUGE! i was so terrified i kept screaming. friends thought it was hilarious. i didn't :/

My fear.
by: Stile Preinitz

Everything about whales just terrifies me. The size, the noises that they make is all just so eerie, and for the longest time I thought I was alone on this but I am actually happy that I am not the only one. Everyone at my school just thinks I am weird, but it is really serious for me. My biggest fear is just seeing one swim straight at you and ?. God I don?t even want to think about it. Oh I would also like anybody to contact me if they would like to as I will be creating a new web site all about the fear of whales, and maybe how to get over it. So if you have any comments you can reach me by e-mail which is stilepreinz at

by: Anonymous

Wow.....Just turned 40 yrs old and up until now I thought I was alone on this. Thanks everyone for making me feel "normal".

Blue Whales
by: Anonymous

I've thought about it. And the hugeness of this creature is incredible. It's so massive and frightening. Some of you, I've noticed have also mentioned their song. Yes, that one makes me simply freeze up. I love to go to museums, but I can't go to the natural science museums in fear there's an aquatic exhibition. People usually look at me funnily if I say I'm scared of blue whales, I've got a fair share of other anxiety problems as well. But this one is one of the worst. Perhaps because it's so irrational. Anyway, I've noticed that none of you have mentioned it's teeth! It's not even teeth, but.. like a brush.. And it inhales it's food and everything within radius just gets swooped in! How is that not worrysome and scary? I've got to go and relax now. All this reading and thinking about blue whales... Too much.

It's called Cetophobia, for those who wondered by the way.

...I cant even spell the word.
by: Clarie

Wow first time ever hearing that someone else has the fear of whales!!
on my 13 birthday 4 years ago my bff took me to sea world to see Shamu..and during the show i walked up to the glass too see the whales swimming and a whale went next to the glass stareing right at me ans it suddenly started to ram the glass i jumped back and walked left it folowed and started to hit the glass and the trainers started to call it and put there arms in the air to do a trick but it stayed so the trainers had to go into the water and distract it away..months later i had a dream bout that whale being outside my door with the ocean to the ground up and just rameing into my door trying to get me..its been 3 yrs and 8 months i have had this fear NO PICTURES SOUNDS OR TV!with them or id scream and cry and recently i was finally getting over it but then a week ago i heard a whale killed its trainer dawn at i guess here i am friend thought itd be funny to hang a big whale blanket in my room and as soon as i walked in and saw it i screamed and cried and froze with fear my bf ran in pulled it off but i actually was so scared i fainted..NO LIE F WHALES! ugh.....go ahead make fun of me..evyone does but idc..

by: Anonymous

I'm kind of worried that every one else here is just making fun of people with a fear of whales. Although this fear is not the strangest that I've ever heard. I have a friend who is scared of cotton balls. I have nightmares about whales on a regular basis. People think that I am rediculous for having the fear. They say that Whales can't eat you. There are Killer whales. I'm not afraid of them. I'm terrified of the great big huge grey whales with eyes as big as dinner plates. They make my stomache hurt, my skin crawl, and just thinking of them makes me have nightmares. I have nightmares where I am in the ocean for one reason or another, and there are whales in the water with me. They never eat me in the nightmares, but they terrify me so much that I normally wake up before anything happens. But just the fact that I have been in the water with the whales makes me want to cry.

by: BAM

I think it's the size, just the thought of something being so huge. This is the really huge ones, not the smaller ones. Also, the unknown, for example huge massive HUGE holes in the ground, (I saw one in a book of records or something), but then also the ocean, like the hugeness of it and the unknown of whats underneath. And space too. Like, outside the galaxy. I think for whales, it's more the thought of the size rather than photos.

Whale fear
by: Kristina

I cannot even look at a picture of a whale without shuddering. I don't know why, except that they are HUGE! How does that not freak everyone out. Its scary. They freak me out, especially pictures of them swimming in like, a vast expanse of blue.

I haaaaaateeeee whales
by: Anonymous

ok EVERYONE makes fun of me for being completely petrified of whales! I think I'm scared of them mostly because of their size too. like how someone said they remember a book comparing the size of a whale to like the length of five school buses or something...that FREAKS ME OUT. and I'm scared of that like open-water-vast-nothingness-unknown too! its freaky! and that whole silhouette of a whale in the distance thing...omg it makes me wanna curl up in a ball right now, not even kidding! like I really thought I was the only weirdo in the world who was like literally terrified of whales but I'm glad I'm not. and like someone else said, I'm mostly terrified of whales, like literally terrified, but sometimes just like any GIANT sea life scares me. I can't believe someone else in the world really shudders at pictures of whales like me!

fear of whales!
by: Anonymous

Yes, the fear of whales is called Cetophobia I believe and I certainly have it also! Thought I was the only one!! I've had terrible nightmares about them, freak out when I see them on t.v. or even a picture of them!! I can't hear the noises (songs) they make makes me cringe and gives me tears in my eyes!! Deep water even scares me I think BECAUSE of the thoughts of whales, and so do submarines and large boats for some reason...Can't even swim in deep pools because of this! But I have no problem with sharks, dolphins or squids, or anything except whales. People make fun of me but it is not funny at all.

I always have weird whale nightmares.
by: Anonymous

I'm not afraid of the sea. I love sharks and squids and other ocean life. But whales, for some reason... they just freak me right out.

While I was visiting the Gasp├ęsie, my friend wanted to take me whale watching. I decided to "be a man" and agree. But when we got near the boat, my heart started racing and I couldn't stop shaking. I had to lock myself in the car to calm down. Luckily for me, the waters were too rough and they cancelled all the tours for the day. But looking back, I think I actually should try whale watching again some time. I went to Marine Land and survived, so maybe I'd be able to do a whale watching tour without pissing myself. Maybe it would be good for me.

by: Samantha

I can not look at pictures of whales. I can not listen to someone talk about whales. I swim in the ocean when I go to the beach, but when I see a picture of open water, I freak the hell out. I hate orcas, blue whales...any type (I am aware that an orca is a dolphin, but STILL). I passed out at Sea World when I was 9.

Whale Spooks
by: Anonymous

I've also got a fear of whales. Orca whales and dolphins are no problem (I even went swimming with dolphins last year), but anything big, blue, and gray freaks me right out. And what's strange is how often this fear pops up in my daily life; from strangers having whale songs as their ring tone to teachers playing whale songs during class time. The fear is so bad I can't even put my feet into the ocean, or look at the horizon for too long without worrying that a whale might surface.

But what's strange is that I absolutely love whales. I have paintings of them all over the house. And when I was younger, I had bedsheets with whales printed on them, and all of these plushies shaped like whales. I can look at pictures of them without any negative reaction. I just usually start to break down and cry if I think a whale might be nearby.

by: Ami

OMG I am so terrified of whales it's so bad! (and most aquatic things in general.)
Everyone always makes fun of me but it's soooo not funny!! I start crying!
I'm also really afraid of the ocean itself..... like, I can go to the beach and swim, but when I see pictures of just this big, vast blue-ness, I practically pee my pants.
And it's not really orca's, but Humpback whales, Blue whales, sperm whales, etc. You get what I mean.

Whale Freaks !!
by: Ani

I feel EXACTLY the same as most of your comments,
Blue and grey whales are THE scariest things in the world.
Even looking at a photo of one makes me shiver and look away.
My family, friends and I like to joke about it.
The Kleenex is just... SCARY and gives me the absolute creeps.
Glad I'm not alone :)
We can be Whale Freaks together!
Long Live in the Whale Freaks!!


by: Shelby

OMG! My family makes fun of me so bad for being afraid of whales. I cringe and look away everytime I see one. I feel so much better now that I know I am not alone haha

by: James (UK)

haha. i never thought id find other whale fearing folk.

yeah deffo take a shark over a whale any day!
i suppose they are beautiful creatures and gentle, but they are creepy, and the noise they make! :O
shits me right up!

i had a nightmare that i was in the ocean at night, about 10 meters deep, and i could only see the light of the moonlight above the water and looking down was pitch black, and in the distance i saw the silhouette of the most horrific monster i had ever seen!

p.s. i dont mind killer whales, which is strange because they are the one whale that would probably have a taste for human flesh anyway.
strange fear though. i dont know why i dont like them.

by: Popo

So what do we do?

I have the same fear, ever since I was 3. I went to a 3D cinema, where they were playing sea monsters or something, and you could really see a huge, huge monster swim over your head... I cried my eyes out and had nightmares ever since!
people laugh but I can see I'm not alone!!! I can't even look at a picture of a whale, I'm fine with any other fish/mammals, it's just the size that scares me to death. also, it could be anything giant and swimming - like a never-ending octopus, lochness monster, I don't even want to imagine those things.

so what do we do with it? it expands. it makes you fear water, bath, lakes, then sea, oceans, other fish.

by: Anonymous

I JUST googled "fear of whales" not expecting to find anything about it because I thought I was weird. If I even THINK about whales I start to lose my breath and panic. I live 100 miles from the ocean but its just not far enough. I'm not scared of the smaller whales either, but the bigger ones. Its a size thing, I think.

Eww I dont like whales.
by: Anonymous

okay so I guess im not that weird after all. All the people I talk to think im crazy because I am afraid of whales. i tell them all the time i'd take a shark over a whale all the time. I dont really know what it is about them: their looks, the size, I mean just thinking of them right now is makin me uneasy. i will agree tho... finding nemo and pinnochio is definatley one of the movies i freak in. I believe my phobia started when I had a nightmare about falling into musty teal water. and just kept going down. and there was a whale. and omg it was baddd. just one of those nightmares where its silent and alone.

yea so i agree whales are NASTY!

yep me too
by: Anonymous

I'm only scared of the big whales. Orcas and dolphins I'm fine with but once they start getting bigger then that I start to freak out. It's not the sea or fear of the unknown either it's fear of just whales. I'm not scared of even sharks or eels or anything like that just whales. I have no idea why I live in the middle of the prairies and have never been near the ocean. It started when I was little and read a book about whales I guess. They were comparing the size of the blue whale to school buses (I don't remember how many buses long they are but it was a lot) and this scared me to death. Ever since then just looking at a picture of one makes my stomach flip and my heart race.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Ive had this fear ever since i saw the movie Cast Away. When Tom Hanks was on the raft and you saw a bird eye shot of him on it and underneath him was a massive whale. I also freaked out when in Finding Nemo him and Dori were in the middle of a wide ocean and in the distance you could see a huge whale just swimming. I think my fear is that if I'm in the middle of an open ocean I will all of a sudden get lost or drop down to the bottom. I cant even go snorkeling because of this.

my fear
by: vanessa

i am so scared of whales! i dont like them cause their so big and eww their nasty i just hate them..i cant even think of them..

me too
by: Hannah

Whales and the ocean terrify me, also.
I used to have nightmares every night when I was younger.

me too
by: Anonymous

I am also really scared of whales. My fear started as a little kid. My parents had a subscription to National Geographic and there was a cover of a man in a tiny row boat in some very still water. Behind him an enormous whale tale was coming out of the water. It looked like the tail was going to come down and just smash him down into the water. Just thinking about it gives me the chills every time. I'll never forget it and I've always been afraid of whales ever since.

not so different
by: Anonymous

And irrational fear of whales is, so-far, the most bizzare thing I've ever heard of. Mostly because it's difficult to explain.
It could be because whales can swallow you whole, but someone said it's not I guess no.
Seeing as most people agree on the fear focusing on the entire ocean, it's probablly just of fear of the unknown, or the different.
I could be wrong, but that's probably it.

fear of whales
by: Anonymous

yea i definetly have a fear of whales. i think the movie pinochio might have something to do with it. last time i saw a sea world commercial on tv i screamed and had nightmares for the next month. damn television. even if i see a picture i about die.

me too
by: Anonymous

i have a huge fear of whales also, its not the fact that they could swallow you whole or kill you in a second its the fact that it is a whale. i absoulutely despise every thing you could possibly find in and ocean. i've never liked water and i will only have a shower definately not a bath nooooo way. but i really hate whales my biggest fear in the ocean are: whales, dolphins, sharks, jelly fish, starfish, eel's, crabs and seals. and most of all penguins i really hate everything associated with the sea, i can't go down the beach or swimming in a paddling pool out the back, on holiday, or down the leisure centre. its wrecking my life :(

So I am normal
by: Anonymous

For the longest time I have thought that I was weird. I have this horrible irrational fear of whales. I can stand them. Even when I just see them on TV, or on an ad they make my heart race.

It is nice to know that I am not the only one who suffers from this fear.

by: brianna

the name for the fear is cetaphobia and i have it too .ughh i cant even look at a picture of a whale with out getteing the heebie jeebies!!

fear of whales
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear. And i dont know why...

by: JT

Do you know the name of this phobia. My friend has it too and she has done everything she can to get over it and nothing works. If you know the name of it just leave another comment. I'd give you 5 stars but this isn't the worste or most bizarre fear I've ever seen.

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