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Fear of dirty bath
by: ShareMe

Actually, you're not alone about the dirty bath thing. I also experience this king of fear. Before I pour the water in my body while taking a bath, I'll stare at it first, and if I see something like ants, spider or other indescribable things in it, I'll renew the water and it's very water consuming. Even when I drink, I make sure nothing is in it or else I won't drink it anymore.I also have fear in dirty flood. My school is also near a river so whenever it's high tide, the shortest path in our house is affected by flooding. Just last month, I tried to cross the flood and while I'm walking I can't think of anything but worms, snakes, dead animals, dirt and other disgusting stuffs which makes me freak out. When I got home my mom told me I was really pale. Is there an explanation about that?

not alone
by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of dirty bathwater. I rationalize it with its ultimately me being afraid of maybe a random hair floating into my vagina and thus giving me an infection from some dirt(y) piece infecting me without my knowledge. I do find it slightly amusing that I am perfectly fine seeing a Daddy Longlegs near/in/around the tub during/before/after a bath yet if the teeniest spec of dirt is seen, I MUST take it out or hop out of the tub immediately. So, I always rinse the tub out before I get into it and check my feet for anything.

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