Fear of wet/leafy plants

by Kayla
(Illinois )

Since I was a little girl I couldn't stand leafy wet plants on the bottom of my shoes or on the floor I didn't think this fear was crazy until one day it rained and I came out of dance class to find my mom parked by a pile of wet leaves my shoe was covered I didn't want to move the whole ride home I scraped my shoe in the car by accident I was so freaked out about the leaves that I never wore those shoes again and I vacumed the van twice only at the age of 10 , recently I told my friends about my fear and they tottaly got me they filled my desk with wet leafy lettuce and threw it on me for a joke. I had a panic attack during class and went insane I washed my whole shirt and face with liquid soap they apologized they didn't know I was serious. But anyways I always had a fear of that and wet plants on carpets indoors. I really want to get help my family thinks I'm being over reacting but my grandmother thinks something is wrong with me though. I hope this fear of wet/leafy plants classify as a real fear.

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