Fear of weird sounds, feet, and leaving the house

by ethel massey

i have a fear of weird sounds like when you rub napkins together or if you rub 2 foam plates together. it makes me almost sick and i want to run and hide from it. ugh i hate it.
i also have a fear of feet. i think they're the ugliest creations EVER and think they should be covered at all times. they gross me out and if anyone gets their feet too close to me, i scream and hit at them. the funny part about that is i love shoes!!

my next one is kind of silly. i am afraid of leaving the house for long periods of time. i can go out on my front porch and be fine. i can go to a neighbor's house but only for about an hour or so. if i go to the store i have to hurry to do my shopping and get right back home. i am afraid to be gone too long because i never know what's going to happen. i got this fear from my mom. she is this way too. but i do not like to leave the house at all if i don't have to. if i must, i make a plan of how i can spend the least amount of time out to make it back home. i can't really enjoy going to anyone's house because i always want to come back home.

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