fear of wax figures

by Cee

i am terrified of wax figures. i have been for the longest. i am so scared of them i do not even like writing out the word. when i went to new york, me and my father went to times square and there is a huge wax museum there a block away from the train station we have to go to to get to our train. everytime we go i am so nervous and anxious the whole time because i know we have to pass the museum. everytime we have to pass it i go into shock and begin to cry and shake. i'm also terrified of animatronics almost as much as i am terried of wax figures. i can not go to disney world anymore because i will refused to ride any ride that i haven't before because i know 95% of the rides that i haven't rode before contain animatronics. i only ride things like the teacups when i go. i went to disney world for a second time in 2015 and was forced to go for four days and cried the whole time. i only rode 4 rides the whole entire trip and we had park hopper passes and everything. i am extremely scared of anything that is not a human but looks almost exactly like one. this is biggest fear. i am not scared of bugs or snakes like a normal person, but yet scared of anything that is life size and is made to look like a human. anything in the uncanny valley makes me have restless nights or nightmares that make me wake up bawling my eyes out. i wonder what this phobia is called....

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