Fear of Water

by Cara
(United states)

The title says it, but I'll explain more. I have a fear of water, I can't go near a swimming pool or even look at it. Usually when I take a shower I'm not fully into the shower becuase I always get a bad feeling about it.This is how it started:
I was about 12 years old and it was summer. Before my fear of water, I was afraid of drowning becuase I dind't like the feeling of not being able to breath. But my family convinced me to go swimming with them, and that I'd be okay. So I told them I would, but I won't go into the deep end, and they all said alright.
After a couple minutes of being in the pool, my brother decided "Hey, she's having fun. I guess it's okay to TAKE HER TO THE DEEP END OF THE POOL." So he picked me up and swam off to the deep end, and when I felt me sinking farther down into the pool, I paniked. I yelled at him to stop, and my mom didn't do anything about it.
My brother said he only gave me a "piggy back ride" in the water. What scared me so much was the feeling of being under water. When I tried to force my way up and scream for help, but no one could hear me becuase I was out of breath. When I opened my eyes, all I saw was clear bubbles and the surface far away up, and I swear that it was Alice in Wonderland Syndrome for a moment becuase it looked so far up.I could feel my foot nervously tap the bottom of the pool to find my way up. And finally, I got up for air, crying, and having panic attacks everytime I think of it. It used to be so bad that I wouldn't drink water at all, but then I became sick and weary and had to drink again.
Nothing has helped me. I'm just stuck with this phobia. Sorry, I couldn't add a picture. I can't stand looking at pictures like that :'(

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