Fear of water

by Tokyo-rose.
(Qld, Australia)

When i was little, I was at a party and someone unexpectedly came along and pushed me in the pool, i was watching everyone as i couldnt swim yet. I smacked into the water and started to sink. I felt like i had no lungs. Eversince i steared clear of water. Is it because water has created a bad memory? (I still cant swim and im 15). Should i make water a good memory somehow? How can i learn to swim when i hate water? Even worse we having a pool installed in our garden. And i get a view of it. I cannot sleep thinking of water.I have curtains & Blinds. My parents know of my fear of water. (There not at all strict) :) But im so scared, please help can i cure it or will i have to deal with it?

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