Don't Let Yourself Get Drowned In Fear Of Water

If you have fear of water that means you have hydrophobia. This particular fear form is only triggered when you stand before a source of water like a pond, river or sea.

Jan Heering

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Hydrophobia can immensely damage the way you live. Your fear becomes so intense that you are unable to control yourself and you start showing signs of insanity. Victims of hydrophobia do not even prefer to take baths in bathtubs.

The worst part of the story is that you know that there is nothing to be afraid of water but you cannot get out of the fear. You feel utterly helpless and irrationally endangered.

A hydrophobic individual does not indulge in activities like swimming and boating. Experience and biological factor – these are the two most prime causes of aquaphobia.

May be you have seen someone drowning in water and from that point of time you start suffering from a boundless fearful condition of water phobia. However, it can also be caused by an “instinctive reaction”.

The usual symptoms of fear of water

  • You feel suffocated and you experience difficulty in breathing

  • Your entire body is covered with sweat

  • You are often confused about what you are doing and thus you start acting irrationally

  • You can't face reality confidently and thus you have to experience full blown anxiety attacks

  • You can't speak or think clearly

  • Your heart starts beating quite loud and fast and you feel as if you are soon to die

  • Your mouth becomes dry and you start shaking a lot

How do you come to develop hydrophobia?
Subconscious Learning – This is caused due to childhood experiences and also because of dreams, secondary gains and positive intentions

Direct Learning Experience – This occurs when you have direct experience or accident like you were about get drowned while you were busy enjoying yourself with your friends at the side of a river

Auditory Modality Origin – When you come to talk hear or read about a water related accident

Indirect Learning Experience – When you see someone drowning in a movie, you can develop fear of water

How can self help NLP techniques help in combating fear of water
With the apposite use of NLP self help procedures you can completely eliminate hydrophobia. You just need to convince yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of water or the source of water.

In this way you gain confidence to face reality in life. Therefore, by using effective self-help NLP methods you reconstruct and restructure your “mental constructs” and start behaving positively in water related matters.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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