Fear of Wasps/Bees/Stinging insects

I have VERY serious insectophobia. I never gotten
stung by a bees or wasps but everyone says it hurts, burns and more. People saying it only hurts for an hour or two doesn't help either, cause people how been put in the hospital and or died because of their sting. I'm still in school so every morning I have to walk to the bus stop and guess what, there are bushes, trees, and grass full of them on the way to and from the bus stop. From my research, no one with this phobia has been cured! There's no cure! Looking at a dead wasp or bee, drawing one, or looking at the zoo at a 'safe' nest isn't the same as being outside where it's ALIVE, REAL, and NOT BEHIDE GLASS! I'm so sick and tired of everybody laughing at me and my family shaking their heads at me when they don't know what it feels like to be ME. They don't have the phobia so how can they know what it's like. "Just brush it away, stop running in front of cars and screaming like a crazy person cause you're not going to be satisfied till you get hit by a car!" Is what my grandad said to me today. Why can't anyone see I,me, we, the people who have this phobia, are seriously terrified for our lives! It's not funny! So stop saying, "Oh, there goes a wasps!" When there isn't one cause then I don't know if there really is one cause I'm getting in fights with people cause of this. Don't they get I RATHER DIE than have a wasp or bee sting or even land on me! Which it has once and I was looking over my shoulder for weeks and NEVER wore that shirt and pants I wore that day again.

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